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Katherine Jennifer Kramer, M.D. *

Hi. I'm Katherine J. Kramer and I'm from New York City. After graduating from medical school and completing my residency in San Francisco, I have moved back to the East Coast to practice OB/GYN. Ever since college, I have considered myself an unabashed feminist and have aggressively pursued issues which I hope are as important to all women as they are to me.

In my spare time, I enjoy foreign travel, cooking, running, aerobics and swimming.  I am also an avid skier and scuba diver and enjoy flying aircraft as a pilot. My other hobbies include painting, photography and gardening. 


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I wore this suit to present a paper on abortion at the American Women's Medical Association meeting.

What's New?

7/04: After over a decade on the Pill, I've switched to using the Evra Patch--and love it! 
2/14: I am back from spending a month (February) in the Caribbean volunteering at a hospital! Yeay!