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Archibald Redmond McMahan-Born-about 1730 in IRELAND. Married a McNulty. They came into the Port of Washington, North Carolina. They settled in Buncombe/Yancy Counties of North Carolina. Archibald Redmond McMahan died @ 1827 in Jackson County Alabama at the home of his son, Sanders McMahan.. I do not know when or where Mary? McNulty McMahan died. Children born to them were:

1) Archibald Redmond McMahan Jr.-Born-1772

2) James McMahan-Born-1776

3) Eli McMahan * {MY LINE}-Born-@1777

4) William McMahan-Born-179?

5) Stephen McMahan-Born-@1779

6) Sanders McMahan-Born-1784

7) Sarah "Sallie" McMahan-Born-@1780

8) Jonathan McMahan-Born-1785

Child of Archibald Redmond McMahan and Miss McNulty was : Archibald Redmond McMahan Jr.-Born-1773-Craven County South Carolina. He married Elizabeth Bird. Archibald Redmond McMahan Jr. Died- March 1853 in Sevier County Tennessee. Children of Archibald Redmond McMahan Jr. & Elizabeth Bird McMahan were:

1) Redmond McMahan-July 11, 1795-Virginia. Married-Rebeccah ?. Their children were: Robert S., George, David, Archibald, Elizabeth, William, Angeletty & Daniel McMahan.

2) David Crockett McMahan-Oct.10, 1796-Virginia. Married 1st. Mary Large. Married 2nd. Sarah Mitchell. Children of David Crockett McMahan were: Samuel, John, Redmond, McNulty, Elenore, J.Wilson, Anna, Mary, David, & Archibald D. McMahan.

3) George McMahan-1797-Virginia.Married Susannah. She born-1795 and died-1860. Children born to George & Susannah McMahan were: Archibald, Elizabeth, James & Rebecca McMahan.

4) James Balford"Jim Bally" McMahan-1798-Virginia. Married Mary Ann Wilson, she was born in 1796. James "Jim Bally" McMahan died 1887. Children born to Jim Bally McMahan and Mary Ann Wilson McMahan were: Mary Ann "Polly", Sarah "Sallie", Celia, Willis, Elizabeth "Betsy", David B., Clearisa, & William Marvin McMahan.

5) Mary"Polly" McMahan-14 Feb.1801-Buncombe County North Carolina. Married Daniel Duggan Jr. Mary "Polly" died in 1872. Children born to Polly & Daniel Duggan Jr. were: Elizabeth, Anna, James Mitchell, Archibald, William, Polly Ann, Sarah Jane, Savannah, Manurva, George, Catherine, Daniel, and Nancy Duggan.

6) Sarah "Sallie" McMahan-1803-Buncombe County North Carolina. Married John Howard. Sallie died 21 March 1852. Children born to Sallie & John Howard were: Barbara, Amanda, John, David, Samuel, Robert, Theodore, Sarah Jane,and Elizabeth Howard.

7) William"Bill" McMahan-1804. Married Mary Malinda Black. William McMahan Died-1866. Children born to Bill and Mary Black McMahan were: Sarah "Sally", Rebecca "Becky", Margaret, and Archibald R. McMahan.

8) Elizabeth McMahan-1807-North Carolina. Married William Abijah Maples. Elizabeth died 1856. Children born to Elizabeth & William Maples were: Archibald, William "Bill", George Washington, Eva Rosanna, Wilson, Minerva, Anna, James, David, John, Thomas, Samuel, and Sarah Maples.

9) Archibald McMahan-12 April 1808-Buncombe County North Carolina. Married Sarah Maples. Archibald McMahan Died-18 Feb. 1872 in Sevier Co. Tennessee. Children born to Archibald & Sarah Maples McMahan were: George, Jackson, Sanders, Sarah, Martha and William McMahan.

10) Anna McMahan-22 April 1809-North Carolina. Married Jaob Roland/Rolen. Anna McMahan Roland/Rolen Died-28 July 1900 Sevier Co. Tennessee. Children born to Anna & Joab Roland were: Jane, Archibald, James, Elizabeth, & George Roland.

11) Jane McMahan-1812-Sevier Co. Tennessee. Married Robert Howard. NFI

12) Susan McMahan-4 April 1813-Sevier Co. Tennessee. Married Louis Howard. Susan McMahan Howard Died-19 March 1884. Children born to Susan McMahan and Louis Howard were: Elizabeth, Tillman, Manurva, Sarah, Jane, Harrisom, Barbara, Louis, Mary "Mollie", Samuel and Martha "Mattie" Howard.

13) Wilson"Wilse" McMahan-Born-1821 in Tennessee. Died-1843 Buried-Pearl Valley Cem. Sevier Co. Tennessee. He married Elizabeth "Betsy" Emert.Children born to Wilse McMahan & Betsy Emert McMahan were: Martha Rebecca, Mary and Rhoda McMahan.

14) Nancy McMahan-12 March 1820-Sevier Co. Tennessee. Married Fred Emert. Nancy McMahan Emert Died-24 Feb. 1857-Sevier Co. Tenn. Buried-Emerts Cem. Sevier Co. Tennessee. Children born to Nancy McMahan and Fred L. Emert were: Mary Elizabeth "Polly", William Brazelton, Sarah Jane, Daniel George, Martha Anne, David H., Nathaniel Wesley, John, Ruel, Nancy and Clarissa Emert. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Child of Archibald Redmond McMahan and Miss McNulty was James McMahan. He was born-1776 in Craven County South Carolina. He served in the War of 1812 in Third Regiment, Buncombe County North Carolina. He married Ellender or Eleanor. She was born 1790 and died after 1850. I ony know of 4 sons and am sure there were other children because of the gap in birth years. James McMahan died after 1850. Children of Ellender and James McMahan were: Edmond, James Jr., Archibald and unknown male McMahan.

1) Edmond McMahan-Born-1810 in North Carolina. He married first Sefrona and they had 3 children: Sarah (1864), Jane A, (1866) and Samuel (1869). Edmond McMahan married second, Mary. She was born 1805 in South Carolina. Edmond McMahan and Mary had these children: Edmond Jr., Jackson, John, Margaret, Naomi, Ellendor, Rose, Jackson, George, Jim McMahan.

2) James McMahan Jr-Born-1820 in Yancy County North Carolina. He married Margaret. She was born 1823 in North Carolina. Their children were: Wilburn, Lucius, William, James, David, James and Margaret McMahan.

3) Archibald McMahan-Born-1803 Yancy Co. North Carolina. His occupation was a miller. He married first to Jane. She was born 1805. No issue. His second wife was Jinsey. She was born 1810 in North Carolina. Archibald McMahan and Jinsey had these childre: Archibald Jr., Brice, Myra, Robert, Naomi, and Sewell McMahan.

4) Unknown Male McMahan-Married Mary. Had these children: Nelly, Sanders and Wilson McMahan-Born 1832. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Child of Archibald Redmond McMahan & Miss McNulty was Eli McMahan {my line}. He was born-@ 1775 in North Carolina. Don't know who he married, some say a McNabb, some say an Allen. He had 13 children: Anderson, Lawson, Sanders {my line}, Sarah, Eli Jr., James, William Mansfield, Rose, Sevier, McKinney, Wilson, Robert S., and Lucinda McMahan. Eli lived in Cocke County Tennessee.

1) Anderson McMahan-Born-1796 in North Carolina. He died before 1880. He married Elizabeth Allen. She born 1800, daughter of John "Short-Finger" Allen and Sally McNabb. Anderson McMahan and Elizabeth Allen had these children: Allen, James, Edman, Levisea, John, Nancy, Matilda, William, Wily, Lewis,George, Harvey and David. Two others that I don't know their names.

2) Lawson McMahan-Born 1801 in North Carolina. He married Purity. They had no children but raised the 4 children of his brother Sanders when Sanders first wife Laurilla McNabb died. The children were: Eli, Jordan, William & Hannah "Fanny" McMahan. Old Eli McMahan was also in the house-hold with Lawson & Purity in 1850 and listed as born in 1782.

3) Sanders McMahan-Born-1803 {my line} in North Carolina. He married first Laurilla McNabb and had the 4 children that Lawson raised: Eli {1830}, Jordan {1832}, William {1834} and Hannah {1836} McMahan. Sanders married second, Laurita Campbell and had these children: Mark, Sanders Jr.{my line}, Joseph Manning, James, Elizabeth, Malcolm "Macon", Martha, Henderson McCammish and Crawford McMahan. (A) Mark McMahan-Born-1843 in Cocke County Tennessee. I have no furthur info on him. (B) Sanders McMahan Jr. Born-1847 in Newport, Tenn. Cocke Co. he is my line. He married first Eliza Allen and had 2 sons, Allen & Creed McMahan. He married second, Lucinda Bryant Stuart and had 9 children: Alice Florence, James Walter, Joseph Rufus, Mymia, George, Minnie Lee, William A., Laura Belle and Mary Laurita "Lucy" McMahan. (C) Joseph Manning McMahan-Born-23 Sept. 1848 Cocke County Tennessee. He married Elizabeth Allen, daughter of John "Short-Finger" Allen. Joseph died June 3, 1897 Collin County, Texas and is buried Pecan Grove Cem. in McKinney,Texas.Children of Joseph Manning McMahan & Elizabeth Allen McMahan were: Lewis, William, Joseph, Annie Eliza, Mary Lauritie, Hallie and Clyde McMahan. I will add more on this family later. (D) James McMahan-Born- 1849 in Tennessee. No furthur info on him. (E) Elizabeth McMahan-Born-1851 in Tennessee-NFI (F) Malcolm "Macon" McMahan-Born-1853 in Tennessee. He married Ann Lovejoy 30 October 1873 in Collin Co. Texas. They had no children. (G) Martha McMahan-Born-1854 in Tennessee-NFI (H) Henderson McCammish McMahan-Born-1855 in Cocke Co. Tennessee. He married Elizabeth Estes. Their children were: Thomas Carlton, John Gibson, Lyles Dewit, Theodore Roosevelt, Pauline "Polly" Elizabeth and Lloyd McMahan. I will add more on this family later. (I) D.Crawford McMahan-Born-1857 I have no info on him.

4) Sarah "Sally" McMahan-Born-1806. Married William Green. He was born 1794. Sarah & William Green had these children: Margaret, Mary, James, Nancy, Sarah and Milly Green.

5) Eli McMahan Jr.-Born-1810 North Carolina. He married Amanda Allen. Daughter of John "Brick-layer" Allen and Nancy Maddox.Their children: Elizabeth, John, and Woodfin McMahan.

6) James McMahan-Born-1811 Cosby, Tennessee Cocke County. James married Mary "Polly" Baxter. She was born 1818 in Cosby, Tenn. Daughter of James Baxter and Rhoda Giles. Their children: John, Anne, McKinney, Rhoda, Elizabeth, George, Mary, Margaret, James, Perry, Rachel, Anderson and William H. McMahan.

7) William Mansfield McMahan-Born-1814 in Cosby, Tennessee. He died July 6, 1903. Marrie first Rhoda Giles. She was born 28 July 1821 in Cosby, Tenn. He married Rhoda in 1838. William Mansfield McMahan married second to Mary "Polly" Harrison in 1890. She was daughter of John Harrison and Anna Webb, Children of William Mansfield McMahan and Rhoda Giles McMahan were: Millie, David Henderson, Jasper, Allen, Anderson, Rachel, Jane, Wilson McMahan.

8) Rose McMahan-Born-1817 Cosby, Tenn. Married John Baxter. Their children: Dosia, Allen and Rhoda Baxter.

9) Sevier McMahan-Born-1817. Married Minerva Blanton from Alabama. She was born 1826. Their children were: Matilda, Elizabeth, Dosia and Margaret McMahan.

10) McKinney McMahan-Born 15 Jan. 1821 Cosby Tennessee. Died- 3 Sept. 1891 in Cosby. Buried McMahan Cem. in Cosby. He married Anne Holder born 1823 and second he married Nancy Raines. No issue with Nancy. Children born to McKinney McMahan and Anne Holder were: George, James, Penelope, Eli, Mary, William, Elizabeth, Nancy, McKinney Jr., Anna, and Laura Lee McMahan.

11) Wilson "Wilse" McMahan-Born-1823. Married Jane Harrison. She born 1822. Their children: Dosia, Minerva, Marcus, Sarah, McKinney and Breckenridge McMahan.

12) Robert S. McMahan-Born- 1826 in Cosby Tennessee. He married Nancy. Their children were: Redmond, Lydia and Rebecca McMahan.

13) Lucinda McMahan-Born-1828. She married Solomon Williams. NFI ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Child of Archibald Redmond McMahan & Mary McNulty was William McMahan. He was born-1796 in North Carolina. He died 1861. Married Mary Marr. She was born 1798 and died 1852. William McMahan and Mary Marr McMahan had these children: Thomas Eli, George W., John, Nancy, William and Mary Jane McMahan.

1). Thomas Eli "Eel" McMahan was born-1822. He married Tabitha Ann "Babe" McMahan. She was born 1827 and died 1889. Thomas & Tabitha McMahan had these children: Minerva Frances, James Marion, Nancy Octavia, Sarah Jane, Mary Etta, Russell Taylor, William Elbert, Idella , Emma "Code" McMahan.

2) George W. McMahan-Born-1815. He died in 1882. Married Minerva Holden-NFI

3) Johm McMahan-Born-1817-NFI

4) Nancy McMahan-1819-1854-NFI

5) William Jewel McMahan-Born-1831. He married Martha "Mattie" Gross. They had these children: J.Horton, Gus H., Lula B., Maude, Reece, and Frank McMahan.

6) Mary Jane McMahan-Born-1837. She married Daniel Cameron. NFI ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Child of Archibald Redmond McMahan & Mary McNulty was Stephen McMahan. He was born-1780 in Montgomery County Virginia. Southwest of Roanoke. He married Blanche Hensley in Yancy Co. North Carolina. They had these children: Levi McMahan and he married Synthia Henry. NFI


Child of Archibald Redmond McMahan & Mary McNulty was Sanders McMahan. He was born-1 Feb. 1784 in Montgomery County Virginia. He died 6 Feb. 1864 in Jackson County Alabama.He is buried in McMahan's Cem. "McMahan's Cove" in Jackson County Alabama. Sanders McMahan married Nancy Reed, she was born 1786 in North Carolina. She died- 15 Nov. 1858 in Jackson Co. Alabama. Sanders & Nancy Reed McMahan had these children: John, William, Mariah, Malady, Niagara, Malita, Francis Marion, Tabitha, Minerva, and Martha Ann McMahan.

1) John McMahan-Born-16 Dec. 1809 in Warren Co. Tennessee. He died-15 June 1895 in McMahan,Tx. Caldwell County.Buried Lockhart City Cem. Lockhart, Texas. John married first to Rebecca Talley, she was born 26 Dec. 1812 and died 13 Oct. 1849 in Jackson Co. Alabama. Buried Talley Cem. in Jackson Co. Rebecca was daughter of Jacob Talley and Mourning Roberts. John McMahan married second Minerva McCoy on Jan.21, 1852 in Jackson Co. Ala. John McMahan & Rebecca Talley McMahan had these children: William, John M., James Benton, George W., Minerva Annie, Jacob S., Daniel L., & Thomas Houston McMahan. Children of John McMahan and his second wife, Minerva McCoy McMahan were: Edward J., Jerry Edward, Franklin, Nancy and Perlina McMahan

After John McMahan's first wife Rebecca Talley died, he married Minerva McCoy in 1852 and shortly after the marriage they moved to Caldwell County Texas, later the town was named McMAHAN after John's son Edward McMahan as Edward was a merchant and the first postmaster. The town is still named McMAHAN {1998}. I have info on all of John McMahan's 13 children.

William Lafayette McMahan-1833 in Jackson Co. Ala. He married Elizabeth Mauldin. William died 27 Feb. 1917 in Brownwood,Texas

John M. McMahan-1836-Jackson Co. Ala.Died-1837-Ala.

James Benton McMahan-29 Jan. 1837. Died-10 Jan. 1931 in Caldwell Co. Texas.Buried Jeffrey Cem. McMahan, Texas. Has a CSA Marker. James married Elizabeth Alenander 12 Feb. 1857. His second marriage was to Josephine Brown. Children of James & Elizabeth Alexander McMahan were:(A) Dora-1861 married Frank Blundell. Dora Blundell died 1940 and Frank Blundell died 1931. Both buried Lockhart City Cem. They had children: Loyd, Fred, Buela, Robert, Emma, Annie, and Reece Blundell. (B) George McMahan-Married Alice Fleming-NFI

Children of John McMahan and his second wife Josephine Brown McMahan were: (A) John N. McMahan, he was born 1874 and did 1966. He married Ellen Naomi Jeffrey. Their children were: Luther, Leslie, Josephine Cornelia, James and Emil J. McMahan. (B) Lula McMahan-Born-1875 and died-1908. She married James Baker an had these childen: Lillian, Robert, Gaston and Oran Baker. (C) Susannah McMahan Born 1877 and died 1959. She married John Erwin Clark and had these children: Roy Farris, John Preston & Hugh David Clark.(D) Alma McMahan Born 1880 and died 1959. She married Matt Baker and had these children: Bernice Baker who married Robert Adams, and Claude Baker who married Loma Robuck. (E) Asa C. McMahan Born 1882 and died 1901. Buried McMahan Texas. (F) Ada McMahan-married Chester Mohle and had a son Chester Lynn Mohle M.D., Ada married second to a Hagerly and lived in San Antonio Texas. (G) Fred Farris McMahan-Born-1887 and died-1963. He married Lena Carrie VanHorn and had these children: Landys, Vance and Harold McMahan. (H) Bill McMahan-married Artie Pogue and had these children: Carol, Claudie and Lois McMahan.

Children of John McMahan and his second wife Minerva McCoy McMahan were: Edward J. McMahan-Born 2 May 1853 in Caldwell Co. Texas. He died 29 April 1931 in Caldwell Co. Tx. The town of McMAHAN was named for him. Edward married Josephine T. Jolley. She was born March 15, 1858 and died 21 April 1921. Their children were: (A) Bob McMahan-1875-1962. He married Alice Jeffrey and they had these children: Earl, Preston, Mayme and Garland McMahan. (B) Norma McMahan-1887-1972. She married Roscoe Hurst and they had these children: Josephine and John Hurst. (C) Pearl McMahan-1879. Married Jesse Cole. No issue.(D) Minnie McMahan-1881. Married William C. Jeffrey. No issue. (E) Oro Ethel "Doll" McMahan-1893. Married Foster Etheridge and their children were: Harland, Jesse and Rayford Etheridge. (F) John Loyd "Little" McMahan-1885-1926. Married Nettie Williams and their children were : Helman and Gladys McMahan (G) Haskell McMahan. Married Rudella Riddle. Their children were : Norma Dell McMahan.

Jerry Edward McMahan was the second child born to John McMahan and his second wife Minerva McCoy. He was born-18 Jan. 1857 in Caldwell Co Texas. He died 12 March 1940. He married Mary M. Brite-NFI

Franklin McMahan-Born 1858 Caldwell Co. Texas was the third child of John McMahan and Minerva McCoy-NFI

Nancy McMahan-1861-Fourth child of John McMahan and Minerva McCoy was born in Caldwell County Texas-She married Garson Jackson-NFI

Perlina McMahan-July 18,1865-Died 4 Feb. 1868-Caldwell Co Texas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Child of Archibald Redmond McMahan and Mary McNulty was Sarah "Sallie" McMahan. She was born`@1780 and married Joseph Ray. They had a large family and lived in Yancy County North Carolina. I only have the name of one child of Sallie's and Joseph Ray's and that is Amos Ray and he married Martha Allen and only have Niagara Ray as their child and she married Thomas Wilson. Niagara Ray and Thomas Wilson had these children: Richard, Adolphus, John, Wood, Joe, Sam, Ann, Lou, Vista,& Kate Wilson. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Child of Archibald Redmond McMahan and Mary McNulty was Jonathan McMahan. He was born @1785 in Montgomery County Virginia. He married Rebecca Brown. They lived in West Tennessee. NFI ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Next I will write of my line which is Sanders McMahan Jr. son of Sanders McMahan and Lauritta Campbell McMahan. Sanders was born 13 October 1847 in Newport, Tennessee Cocke County. He married first to Eliza Allen , she was daughter of John "Short-Finger" Allen. They had 2 sons: Allen McMahan & Creed McMahan. Sanders McMahan enlisted in the civil war at the age of 14 years and served one full year before they found out he was to young. He went back to Newport, Tenn. and rejoined again, this time staying in till the end of the war. Sanders wrote this in his journal. He titled it "History of Service in Civil War" I enlisted in Company "F", 5th. Tennessee Cavalry Ashby's Brigade, Wheeler's Division, Tennessee Army. I was only 14 years old when I joined the Army. I was mustered into service at Knoxville, Tennessee 22 November 1861 and served until 22 November 1862 when I got an honorable discharge by order of the War Department, on account of being underage. I went home and stayed home three or four months, and the yankees came in and took the country where I lived. Then I went back and re-enlisted in the same old command , where I served until the 4th. of March 1864, when I got cut off from my command with others of my command between Knoxville and Chattanooga, Tennessee. We went up into western North Carolina and reported to General Vance, and he kept us doing shooting duty for his group under Captain Louis, until the close of the war. I was on both of Bragg's raids into Kentucky, and came sick along with Robinson, Wildcat, and others on the raids. I was in the Chickamauga fight at the Red Horse Cavalry fight. I was with Wheeler when he went around Grant's Army after the Chickamauga fight. Did picket duty at Cumberland Gap and was in many other fights during the war. Am sixty eight years old and in very good health. SIGNED- Sanders McMahan-29 August 1915-Forney, Texas

Sanders McMahan left Tennessee in the summer of 1872. He left his wife behind as he said she had children when he was off fighting the yankees. He married December 25, 1873 to Lucinda Bryant Stuart in Collin County Texas. Sanders McMahan died 17 November 1924 in Terrell Texas, Kaufman County and he is buried in Oakland Cem. in Terrell, Tx. along side his wife Lucinda McMahan. Sanders & Lucinda Bryant Stuart McMahan had nine children. One died in infancy. Their children were : Alice Florence, James Walter {my line}, Joseph Rufus, Mymia, Minnie Lee, William A., George, Laura Belle, and Mary Laurita {Lucy} McMahan. I have old photographs of the McMahan Clan, the McMahan House in Forney, and the McMahan Band as they all played instruments and played at weddings and such. I hope to add the photos soon. Sanders played the banjo, my Grandfather, James Walter McMahan played the violin and the piano. Now I will add the lines of each child of Sanders McMahan and his first wife Eliza Allen and Sanders McMahan and his second wife {my Great-Grandmother, Lucinda Bryant Stuart McMahan}.

Children of Sanders McMahan & Eliza Allen:

1) Allen McMahan-Born-7 March 1862-Newport, Tenn. Cocke County.Died-29 March 1955 in Forney, Texas Kaufman County. He married Gertrude Amanda Roberts October 10, 1885. She was born July 26, 1869 in Cosby, Tenn. Allen & Amanda Roberts McMahan had these children: Bertha, Bernie, Euro, Ruth, Rebecca, Charles, Glen, Maggie, Nettie and Ollie McMahan. Allen & Amanda Roberts McMahan are buried Forney Cem. Forney Texas.

Bertha McMahan-Born-21 Feb. 1887 in Newport, Tenn. Bertha married Everett Jackson Howard. He was born 20 Feb. 1883 and died 20 Sept. 1957. Bertha McMahan Howard died 3 Aug. 1967 in Porterville, California, buried Bakersfield Calif. Bertha & Everett Howard had these children: Lillian, Gertrude, Johnnie, and Arlis "Bud" Howard.

Bernie Clyde McMahan-Born-29 Aug. 1888 in Newport, Tenn. He died- 9 Oct. 1980 in Austin, Texas. Buried Forney Cem. Forney, Texas. He married first 17 Oct. 1911 to Zula Wiley. No issue. He married second to Majorie McAda 26 August 1931. They had one son, Craig Allen McMahan.

Euro Jack McMahan-Born-24 Aug. 1890 in Forney, Texas. He married 25 Dec. 1910 to Bronnie Wiley. They had 5 children: Ruth, Euro Jack Jr., Audrey, Lynn and Iris Lucille McMahan. Jack died 10 March 1945 in Forney, Texas.

Ruth Lee McMahan-Born-24 April 1892 in Garland,Texas Dallas County. She married C.D. Hughes. Ruth McMahan Hughes died-6 May 1911 in Forney Texas. They had one child Ella Mae Hughes. NFI.

Rebecca Corrine McMahan-Born-12 Dec. 1893 in Garland,Texas Dallas County. She married Frank Cross 27 Nov. 1913 in Rockwall County, Texas. Rebecca McMahan Cross died 18 Dec.1977 in Royse City, Texas Rockwall County. Rebecca & Frank Cross had these children: Cleon, Faye and Glen Franklin Cross.

Charles Malcolm McMahan-Born-12 Jan. 1896 in Forney Texas. Married Leta Inez Howell on August 1, 1936. They had one daughter, Charleta McMahan.

Glen Paralee McMahan-Born Aug. 1, 1898 in Forney, Texas. She marrird Clay Allen MAY 1, 1919. Glen died 9 Oct. 1983 in Forney,Texas. They had one daughter. Nettie Jo Allen.

Maggie Virginia McMahan-Born-2 Oct. 1901 in Forney, Texas. She married Frank "Jack"Rhodes 28 April 1922. Maggie died 9 March 1969 in Forney Texas. They had these children : Jack Scott, Billy Mack, Thomas Harry, Mary Ruth and Virginia Gertrude Rhodes.

Nettie Mae McMahan-Born-11 Feb. 1905 in Forney, Texas. She married Walter Ray Tune 14 Sept. 1925. They had these children : Thomas Caleb, David Ray, and Naoma Ruth Tune. David and Naoma Ruth are twins.Thomas Caleb Tune has one son, Thomas Walter Tune. David Ray Tune has a son David Jr. and a daughter Dina Tune. Naoma Ruth Tune married Jackie McAnally and has a son Jeffery Earl McAnally and a daughter Cindy Machelle McAnally that was killed in a lake accident about 1988. Nettie Mae McMahan Tune died-24 Oct. 1998 in Terrell, Texas. She was 93 years old and last surviving child of Allen McMahan. Nettie is uried at Hillcrest Cem. in Forney, Texas.

Ollie Irene McMahan-Born-24 Oct. 1907 Forney Texas. She married first McKager Holloway on Dec. 22, 1927, he was a bus driver and killed in bus accident on July 15, 1937. They had 2 children, Elizabeth and Joe McKager Holloway. Ollie married second Herman Adams 24 Sept. 1941. They had one daughter, Nancy Adams. Ollie Irene McMahan Adams died 20 April 1970 in Forney, Texas. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Second child of Sanders McMahan and Eliza Allen McMahan was Creed McMahan. He was born 1864 in Cocke County Tennessee. He married Vilot Olivia Baker. Creed & Violet McMahan lived in Forney, Texas then moved to McAllen Texas down in the valley. Their children were: William Preston, Chloe, Joseph, Erie Arminda, Allen, Eva and Thomas McMahan. More on this family later. Note here Thomas McMahan has a son named Clifton "Mickey" McMahan that was lead trumpter for the Lawrence Welk Band for many years. Mickey McMahan was living in Van Nyes, Calif. in 1999. Ruth Tune McAnally and I are working on Creed's family and will add more here when we get info. Eliza Allen McMahan died Oct. 13, 1911 in Wills Point, Texas, Van Zandt County, and buried there in White Rose Cemetery. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sanders McMahan Jr. married second to Lucinda Bryant Stuart. She was born March 4, 1857 in Memphis, Tenn. Shelby County, daughter of Aaron Bryant and Elizabeth Mantooth. The Bryant family came to Collin County Texas when Lucinda was about 2 years old. Lucinda Bryant Stuart and Sanders McMahan Jr. married in Collin Co. Texas Christmas Day 1873. They lived in Forney, Texas and built their home there. I have a photo of their house and will add it soon. All 9 children were born in the home. They also had a dog named Rags. Lucinda Bryant Stuart McMahan died Sept. 23, 1936 in Terrell, Texas Kaufman County. She is buried in Oakland Cem. in Terrell. Sanders died Nov. 17, 1924 and he to is buried in Oakland Cem. Children born to Lucinda and Sanders McMahan Jr. were : Alice Florence, James Walter {my line}, William A., Joseph Rufus, Minnie Lee, Mymia, George, Laura Belle and Mary Laurita "Lucy" McMahan.

Alice Florence McMahan-Born-8 Sept. 1875 in Heath, Texas Rockwall County.She married first Joe Wright on Oct. 13, 1898. They had 7 daughters: Hallie Mae, Ethel Lilah,Edna Lucinda, Minnie Jewel, Mary Belle, and twin daughters that died at birth. Alice Florence married Arthur Tapp second. No issue. Florence McMahan Wright Tapp died Sept. 19, 1962 in Terrell, Texas and is buried in Oakland Cem. Terrell Texas.

Hallie Mae Wright was born-13 Oct. 1900. She married John William Rorie 13 Oct. 1920. Their children were : Velma, Billie Jo, Robert Frank, Julian, John Michael Rorie.

Ethel Lilah Wright-Born-29 Sept. 1902. Married Everett Samuels on Dec. 23, 1922. No issue.

Edna Lucinda Wright was born-12 Sept. 1905. She married Lester L. Farmer 4 Nov. 1923. Edna died 27 Nov. 1984. Their children were: Hal Douglas, and Leslie Farmer.

Minnie Jewel Wright-Born-2 Jan. 1910- married 28 June 1930 to Charles Porter Johnson. They had one daughter Barbara. She was born-Jan.9, 1931 and died -Jan.9, 1986. She married Maurice Davenport and had 2 children: Brenda and Charles Michael Davenport.

Mary Belle Wright-Born-5 Dec. 1912. She married Raymond Keen. They had one daughter Sondra Rae Keen. She was born Aug. 30, 1937. Married and has 4 childen. NFI

Twin Daughters Wright-Died Infancy.

Second child of Sanders McMahan Jr. and Lucinda Bryant Stuart McMahan was James Walter McMahan-Born-9 October 1877 in Forney, Texas. He married first Maggie Carroll. She was born March 20, 1880 in Greenville, Texas. She died 9 October 1908 and is buried Oakland Cem. in Terrell, Texas James and Maggie McMahan had one daughter, Beatrice McMahan Born 14 Nov. 1904. Beatrice "Sis William" as we called her and also called Billie Mack, married Charles C. DeFir and had 2 sons: Charles Jr. and Howard Ray DeFir. Beatrice lived in Forest Grove, Oregon. Charles DeFir Jr. has one daughter, Jan, and one son Gary DeFir. Howard Ray DeFir had 2 sons and one daughter. NFI

James Walter McMahan-Born-9 Oct. 1877 married second to Ada Ever Jackson on May 3, 1913 in Epps, Louisiana in West Carroll Parish. La James was an engineer for the Missouri Pacific Railroad for 30 years and his route was Dallas, Texas to Little Rock, Arkansas. James and Ada McMahan lived in McGehee, Arkansas in Desha County and their 3 children were all born there then they moved dow to Epps, Louisiana. James died in Little Rock, Arkansas on Dec. 20, 1936 and his body was carried by train to Terrell, Texas and he was buried in Oakland Cem. in Terrell. Ada McMahan died May 28, 1975 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is buried in Pineville, Louisiana in Greenwood Cem. James and Ada McMahan's children : Hazel Ruth, Helen Carnell and James Walter McMahan Jr.

Hazel Ruth McMahan-Born-13 Sept. 1915. She married Lamar Lee Walters Dec. 3, 1937. They lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Lamar died July 1984 and buried in Pineville, Louisiana. Hazel died October 1989 and also buried Pineville, Louisiana. Children born to Lamar and Hazel McMahan Walters were: Lamar Lee Jr. "Sonny", Helen Margaret "TuTu", and Carol Kay Walters.

Lamar Lee "Sonny" Walters-Born-29 Oct. 1938.

Helen Margaret "TuTu" Walters-Born-24 Nov. 1939-She married George E. Clyde Sept. 2, 1960. They have one son, George Edward "Eddie" Clyde Jr.-Born-29 Dec. 1969 in Sulphur, Louisiana and one daughter, Catherine Ann Clyde-Born-April 5, 1965. She married Andrew Patton on Dec. 20, 1986.

Carol Kay Walters-Born-2 Aug. 1955. Married Gerry Poche' April 25, 1981. They live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Children of Carol Kay and Gerry Poche' are: Allison Walters Poche'-Born-Jan. 15, 1984 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Laura Elizabeth Poche'-Born-Jan. 9, 1986 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Second child of James Walter McMahan and Ada Jackson McMahan was Helen Carnell McMahan-Born-14 Nov. 1918. She married George William Watts. Helen died-7 Nov. 1959 in Vicksburg, Mississippi and buried Green Acres Cem. in Vicksburg, Miss. George William Watts Senior died on November 7, 1987 and also buried Green Acres Cem. in Vicksburg, Miss. Children of George Watts and Helen McMahan Watts were: Wenonah Margo, and George William "Bill" Watts Jr.

Wenonah Margo Watts-Born-27 July 1941. She married Charles Lane Midyett on June 1, 1962 in Vicksburg, Mississippi. They have 2 daughters, Helen Michelle and Lisa Gay Midyett. Nona & Chuck Midyett live in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Helen Michelle Midyett-Born-5 Nov. 1963-She married Jeffrey Scott LaFuria on October 11, 1986 in Pennsylvania. They have 2 children, Megan & Nathan.

Megan Elizabeth LaFuria-Born-14 July 1989 in Pennsylvania.

Nathan Christopher LaFuria-Born-24 January 1994 in Pennsylvania.

Lisa Gay Midyett-Born-27 May 1966. She married Kenneth Joseph Kuhn on December 16, 1995 in Cary, North Carolina. They have one son, Matthew, and daughter, Holly Kuhn.

Matthew Lane Kuhn-Born-30 June 1996 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Holly Nicole Kuhn-Born-10 Dec. 1998 in Cary, N. Carolina.

George William "Bill" Watts-Born-1 Feb.1944. He married Linda Louise Kirkley March 18, 1967 and they have 2 children, Catheryn & Christopher Watts.

Catheryn Elaine Watts-Born-June 21,1969 in Greenwood, Mississippi. She married Ronald Gerald Frazier Jr. 4 Nov. 1989 in Vicksburg, Miss. They have one son, Adam Lee Frazier. He was born-17 March 1990 in Vicksburg, Miss.

Christopher Lee Watts was born-23 June 1979 in Jackson, Miss.

Third child of James Walter McMahan and Ada Jackson McMahan was James Walter McMahan Jr. He was born-19 Sept. 1922 in Desha Co. Arkansas. He married Robbie Del Bixler on Sept. 29, 1945 in El Paso, Texas while both in the Army. James was a Sergant and Robbie a Second Lieutant. Yes, always out-ranked him ! Robbie was born-January 5, 1924 in Plain Dealing, Louisiana Bossier Parish, daughter of Robert Schumpert Bixler and Della Margaret Anderson.. James was a paratrooper in WW 2 with the 82nd. Airborne Division, Company "A" 507th. Parachute Infantry and made many many jumps behind enemy lines and was shot on Normandy Beach and earned the Purple Heart, and the Bronze Star. I will also include some personnal history here as this is my story and I can write what I want to.Sergeant James Walter McMahan-United States Army- Medals received: Purple Heart-General Orders 29, Headquarters 55th. General Hospital ,dated 19th. July 1944. Good Conduct Medal, American Defense Service Medal,, American Campaign Medal, European- African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with Bronze Arrowhead for the Invasion of Normandy, 6th. June 1944, and four (4) Bronze Service Stars for the Normandy-Rhineland-Ardennes-Alsace and Central Europe CAMPAIGNS. World War 2 Victory Medal. Distinguished Unit Emblem. Combat Infantryman Badge, Parachutist Badge. French Fourragere. I hope to add a few army pictures if I can talk my brother, James Walter "Bubba" McMahan THE 3rd. into it (hehe). Robbie Del Bixler McMahan graduated from Plain Dealing High School in May 1941 and went to Nurses training in September 1941 to North Louisiana School of Nursing in Shreveport, Louisiana and graduated there February 1, 1945 and took the State Board April 1945 and got her Registered Nurses License. Then she went to Longview, Texas to Harmon General Army Base for 3 months. Went into the Army Nurses Corps June 1, 1945 to Bastrop, Texas for Basic Training then on to El Paso, Texas to William Beaumount General Hospital Fort Bliss on July 7, 1945 and got discharged in November 1945. While she was there she was married on the Base to Sergeant James Walter McMahan on September 29, 1945. They were married in their uniforms. James and Robbie were married almost 39 years when James died April 27, 1984 in El Campo, Texas. He is buried in Oak Lawn Cem. in El Campo, Texas. Children of James and Robbie Bixler McMahan are:

Dale Diane McMahan-Born-19 August 1946 in Shreveport, Louisiana, Caddo Parish. She married William John Stavena on May 21, 1966 in El Campo, Texas. Willie son of Louis John Stavena and Frances Louise Dirba Stavena, he was born June 23, 1947 in Wharton, Texas, Wharton County. They have one son William Jeffrey "Jeff" Stavena Born-8 Februaru 1967 in El Campo, Texas Wharton County. He married Nicole Ann Konecny on Dec. 24, 1994 in Hallettsville, Texas Lavaca County.

Jimmie Kay McMahan-Born-12 May 1948 in Springhill, Louisiana, Webster Parish. Married Pete John Noska on May 28, 1971 in Port Lavaca, Texas Calhoun County. Pete son of Pete John Noska and Elsie Louise Vasut. Pete and Kay have 2 daughters. Melissa Louise Noska born 23 April 1980 in Ft. Worth, Texas Tarrant County and just graduated May 29, 1998 from El Campo High School. Works at the local radio station K.U.L.P. here in town. Rebecca Del Noska born 29 January 1982 in Wharton, Texas Wharton County.She will be a junior in El Campo High School August 12, 1998. I am the author of this page {McMahan Roots..Can You Dig It?}

James Walter "Bubba" McMahan III-Born-15 March 1952 in Springhill, Louisiana Webster Parish. He married Shirley Ann Mladenka 19 Feb, 1971 in El Campo, Texas Wharton County. She daughter of Adolph Joe Mladenka and Emma Mary Stavena. James and Shirley McMahan have one son and one daughter. Rodney James McMahan-Born-7 October 1973 in El Campo, Texas Wharton County. He is a CPA for Arthur Andersen Company in Houston Texas. Sarah Ann McMahan-Born-21 June 1983 in Wharton, Texas Wharton County. She will be a sophomore in El Campo High School.

Randall Bixler McMahan-Born-1 Dec. 1957 in Springhill, Louisiana Webster Parish. He married Terry Lynn Chappell on November 6, 1976 in El Campo, Texas. She daughter of Terry Leonard Chappell and Marilyn Morgan. Randall and Terry Lynn have 4 children. Leah Lynn, Kelly Kristine, Kevin Michael and Jason Randall McMahan. Leah Lynn McMahan-Born-3 March 1978 in Wharton, Texas Wharton County. She has 2 children, Desiree Alexis Hughes-Born-25 May 1996 in Eagle Lake, Texas Colorado County and Dylan Anthony Hughes Born-May 19, 1997 in Wharton, Texas Wharton County. Kelly Kristine McMahan-Born-14 October 1979 in Wharton, Texas Wharton County. She graduated May 29, 1998 from El Campo High School. Kevin Michael McMahan-Born-7 Dec. 1983-El Campo Texas Wharton County. He will be a Freshman Aug. 12, 1998 at El Campo High School. Jason Randall McMahan-Born-22 October 1985 in El Campo, Texas Wharton County. He will be in the 7th. grade at El Campo Middle School.

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