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My partner in crime...
Lily Kahumoku

Here is Lily pictured with her famous Lily-palm.
This palm got the name "Lily" because Lily hit it with our van.
Don't worry, the van's fine, except for a missing hub cap. The palm is
now held up with wiring and we hope it recovers from this unfortunate incident.
Update on the Palm: R.I.P. Lily-Palm
(died June 3, 1999)

Linden and Lily at the Senior Prom

Lily and I in my dorm room at
my former school, Kamehameha

The Craft Girls

Lily with the sunset

Body-boarding Beauty!

catching a wave

Lily is Hawaii's Female Volleyball Player of the Year
and a Fabulous 50 player. She is also playing for the UH Wahines!
Lily, I'll still cheer for you even though you won't be a Nittany Lion!

Lily was also Gatorade's Athlete of the Year last year.

And for those of you who think we're high when we're together (Halape)..we're not!
Lily and I are naturally that hyper when we get together! Partners in crime...Yeah Baby!

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