Sachin Tendulkar Vs Shane Warne

It was a contest that millions of people were waiting to watch.A contest between the best batsman in the world and the best bowler in the world.The Contest was between Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne!

It was long time since people were waiting to watch this contest and when it finally took place in 1998 when the in form Australia toured India to play tests and a triangular tournament. Everyone cricket fan in the world were just having one thing on their mind and that was Sachin Vs Warne!

And finally the day came when Australia played their first tour match against Mumbai captained by Sachin Tendulkar.After Australia batted first it was Mumbai`s turn to bat and the contest was ready to be seen! Mumbai lost 2 wickets early but then came in captain Sachin Tendulkar to bat and then the contest started.Shane Warne was teared apart by Sachin`s brilliant stroke play.Sachin smashed his first double century in first class cricket and Warne`s figures read 16-1-111-0.Sachin had won the first battle.

Then the test matches started,It was the first test at Chennai and when Sachin came to bat everyone`s eye were on him.And the bonus was that Warne was bowling so everyone was excited.Shane Warne bowled the first ball to Sachin and he defended it. Then Warne bowled the second ball and Sachin smashed it for a boundary but then on the third ball edged the ball to 1st Slip where Mark Taylor took a great catch to dismiss Sachin.Shane Warne had won the 2nd battle.But Sachin wasn`t ready to be complacent and he then in the second innings smashed Warne to all corners of the ground.But the main moment came when Shane Warne came to bowl round the wicket to Sachin to try and bowl him around his legs and Sachin`s response was that he swept him for a six over deep midwicket.Sachin scored 155* to win the the match for India.

In the second test at Calcutta again Sachin continued to dominate Warne and he made 79 runs to again be on the winning side.Sachin had yet again won the battle against Shane Warne!

In the third test at Bangalore he smashed one of his best test innings of 177 runs but India lost the match but Sachin had again won the battle against Shane Warne continously.

Although the tests ended but the contest wasn`t yet over. It was now the Pepsi Cup triangular tournament where the next contest was seen.In the first match against Australia Sachin failed with the bat but won the game for India on his own with his bowling.Sachin took 5 wickets for 32 runs and also got the wicket of Shane Warne out stumped!

Then it was Kanpur and Sachin again showed that why he is the best batsman in the world by again smashing Warne for sixes.He in all hit 7 sixes and scored 100 runs before being dismissed by Shane Warne but not before he had won the battle again.

Sachin failed in the final but still the contest wasn`t yet over. The next contest was in Sharjah where Sachin hammered every bowler of Australia and his scores against Australia were
80,143 & 134.He totally destroyed Warne in every match to show that what a great batsman Sachin is.Sachin single handly won the Coca Cola Cup for India and won himself the man-of-the-series award to get a black Opel Astra as award!

All an all Sachin Tendulkar had totally dominated Warne throughout the whole series in India and Sharjah.Sachin had dominated the best bowler of the world and showed the world that why he is the best.Shane Warne said that he would see nightmares and in his dreams will be Sachin smashing him for a sixers over the top of his head.All an all Sachin had made the whole world say that East or West Sachin Tendulkar is the Best!!!

By Saurabh Malhotra