What is Your Anime Flavor?

By: Nici Jay

I have been thinking (yes, thatís a very scary thing). Everyone has a flavor. And when I say flavor, I mean, Anime Flavor. Iíll give some examples.

Eron: Part Revolutionary Girl Utena, part Lum, and a dash of almost everything. I like to call this the Cotton Candy flavor. Shoujo bubbles and comedy thatís overly sweet but hard to resist. It fits him perfectly.

Kay: Part Vampire Princess Miyu, part Oh! My Goddess, with dashes of Gundam Wing, Ronin Warriors, and a few others on the side. I would name this flavor Chocolate, with bits of darkness from Gundam Wing and Miyu, and regular from Oh! My Goddess and Ronin Warriors.

Sandra: Part Trigun, part Cowboy Bebop, with a dash of comedy Anime. This would beÖ hmmÖ Strawberry Pocky. Crunch biscuit stick (the main story line), with a sweet, strawberry taste over it (the comedy that goes with the story line).

Me: Part Gundam Wing, part Rurouni Kenshin, with a mass dash of everything. This is the flavor of those little fruit snacks you feed to kids to get them to shut up, and a bit of chocolate for the fighting. It has a mixed flavor of everything and taste interesting when you eat it all at once! ^^

Everything has its singular flavor. Like those that only watch the Anime that is shown on Cartoon Network. Nothing wrong with that or anything, but it has the flavor of Chinese food in America. Tastes like the real thing, but not authentic. Now, if the person actually bought the unedited DVDs of the shows shown on the channel, such as G Gundam or Dragon Ball Z, then you get a taste of truth, authentic flavors on the side of the Americanized Chinese food.

Comedy has that sweet flavor with something interesting (I would categorize this as the Pocky Anime). The war type and darker side of Anime has a chocolate taste that can be either dark chocolate or milk chocolate, the bitter with the sweet. The Shoujo Anime is cotton candy taste; it can be made in numerous flavors. The sci-fi Anime can be categorized in the general area, for its mostly sci-fi war, sci-fi comedy, and so on and so forth. Now, fanfiction takes on a whole new side...

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