Naked With A Boy

My first time nude with a boy was actually very innocent.I have a cousin named Keith. He is the same age I am and he has the destnction of being the first male I was ever naked with (I have some funny milestones).You might think this is silly and not even worth writing about,but I decide to include it anyway.

When I was very young my Uncle Leon,Aunt Linda ,and my cousin Keith lived just a few blocks from us.Needless to say we saw each other often.If my parents wanted to go out,or if My Uncle and Aunt wanted to go out,they would babysit for each other.You know how it is with kids who practically live in the same house.My mom would put Keith and I in the bathtub togather.We took baths togather all the way up to to seven or eight years old or so.During this time period of my life,I saw his penis many times It was a little bitty thing.Nothing there really to take notice of except that there between his legs it was something that I didn't have.

Of course with kids bath time is also playtime.We would play scuba dive and stuff like that.In doing so I could not help but to touch Keith and he touch me. As kids naked in the tub we did explore each other but it was no big deal.We just wanted to see what the other had.I did touch Keiths little weenie,I was just curious about how it felt and yes Keith touch my vagina and yes I did hold it open so that he could see what was inside of it. After that it was no big deal.It wasn't anything sexual.Afterall,we were only five or six at the time.

Every once in awhile one of us would have to pee and would get out of the tub to use the toilet.Keith would get out of the tub,go over to the toilet,raise the lid and stand there holding his little weenie and out came the pee.It sure was interesting to watch.Funny how that little weenie worked.You could see it come out and shoot pee.I would laugh.But he would tease me by saying "you can't do that"I told him I could if I wanted to and he said "Sure". I got mad and I got out of the tub and stood in front of the toilet and put my fingers on my vagina and tried to pee like him.Well,pee went everywhere.All over my legs and all over the floor.Keith was really laughing now.I too started to laugh. I just loved to be naked and it was great to be naked with someone else.Life went on but no more baths with Keith after age six or seven.

As kids Keith and I would also run through the backyard sprinkler togather without a bathing suit on.Our parents actually thought it was kind of cute,us kids cooling off on a hot day.In later years I had a slip in slide that was a lot of fun. Keith had a small wading pool in his backyard and we never wore swim suites.

Our backyard nudity came to an end by the time we were twelve.I was starting to develop breasts and Keith's little weenie wasn't so little anymore.My aunt insisted we kids put suits on.My mother didn't think it was any big deal but Mom did object so that put an end to our backyard skinnydipping.

These incidents were the first few times Keith and I were naked togather, but not the last.Yes,my cousin Keith and I have always been close,pretty much like brother and sister.There are quite a few other first in our lives that Keith and I have experienced togather.I will write about them another time.