My Aunt Taught Me How To Masterbate

When I was growing up I had this aunt She was single, in her early 40s and used to invite a niece or nephew to stay with her for a weekend.She never got married and was into a lot of stuff younger kids were (music, movies) so we got along really well. She was kind of plain as far as her looks but had a very pretty body and some of us used to even talk about how life was so unfair to make her look so plain but have such an attractive figure.

When I was 16 I spent part of the summer with my aunt.At the time she was living in a house with a swimming pool.One night after we had dinner my aunt suggested that we take a swim.My Aunt told me that since her backyard was secluded there was no real reason to wear a bathing suit.she told me she never wears a suit just to swim in her backyard pool and if I wanted to I could also skinnydip.So my Aunt and I got undressed and we headed for the pool.

I had never seen my aunt completely naked until now and the first thing I noticed about her was that she was very hairy. I asked her if she ever shaved. She laughed and said no she never considered shaving.She told me that playing with her hair while she masturbated made her have more intense orgasms.I certainly never heard my aunt talk like that, which actually started to arouse me a little. It kind of embarassed me which she noticed.

My aunt then she asked if I would like to watch her masturbate. I was getting really aroused which again she noticed and I didnt want to make her feel embarrassed so I did and she stared at me and talked about my breasts and my pubic hair and how it compared to hers.She told me to copy what she was doing and, for fun, to try to have our organsms together.she wasn't into any kind of kinky stuff--she just wanted to see me have as much pleasure as she did.She positioned us so we were sitting opposite each other with our legs spread apart and our feet touching She began fingering herself, using both hands, playing with her hair with one hand and inserting first one, then two, then three fingers inside her. Every time one of us felt like she was going to climax she made sure the other one was too and eventually we timed it good so we both came at the same time. It was fantastic!! We did it a couple of more times, trying different touching techniques (just touching ourselves) and we both had two more orgasms.

The next evening my aunt and I went skinnydipping again.After our swim she told me she had a gift for me.I unwrapped her gift and to my surprise,my aunt bought me a vibrator.It was a simple vibrator.About 4" long and ran on a single C cell.Then my aunt went to her room and got her vibrator.She told me that a vibrator used correctly is better than any man could ever be.She then showed my just how to use it.It was fantastic.

That summer we pretty much masturbated like this almost every was unbelievable!!I'll never forget that summer. I see my aunt every so often, but obviously neither of us ever said anything to anyone about what happened.

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