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Owner: Kennth C. Parker
Agent/Manager: Darwin W. Parker
7142 Miley Street
Houston, Texas 77028

Below are some of our wonderful horses that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge. They are greatly missed!

http://www.darrominis.com/inlovingmemory_files/Betsy.jpg  Canterbury Heavens to Betsy

R.I.P. Even though we did not have you very long, but I truly do miss you as you were my dream mare. 07/05/16
Darros Rowdys Allure N Angelique Darros Rowdys Allure N Angelique (AKA Sugar)
32.5" 2008 AMHA Black Mare
NFC Rowdys Fatal Charm 31" X Whispering Firs April Breeze 28"
Foaled 4/1/2008

R.I.P. My little Angel and I miss you Sugar, 01/02/16
Darros Careless Whisper
33" 1989 AMHA Dun Mare
Komokos Charlie Brown 29.75" X Burdettes Blaze 33.75"
R.I.P. My sweet baby girl and day does not goes by that I do think of you, my love. 03/29/16
Oak Forest Butterfly
28" 1991 AMHA Golden Buckskin Mare
Komokos Whiskey III 28" X Bond Buffy 31.5"



This is a 28” golden buckskin mare that I made a great mistake selling last year and now I have a second chance. She is a great broodmare that has produced some of my best show quality foals for our farm. She has straight legs, a small dished head, a long neck, a great bite and over all great conformation along with the refinement. She is a direct daughter of Komoko Whiskey III and out of a great buckskin mare name Bond Buffy, which both are now decease. SHE WILL NEVER LEAVE US AGAIN FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE OR OURS.

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Darros Elegant Wings
28.25" 1993 AMHA Dun Mare
Western Gates Jacobs Way 30" X Darros Careless Whisper 33"



This little mare was a great show horse. She placed Top Ten at the AMHA Nationals before retiring. She has produced one foal and he was a pretty little black colt. She has pinto and appaloosa breeding in her background from her sire's side. She is a granddaughter to Yellow Diamond Little Feather, on her dam's side she has alot of Komoko breeding. She is a third generation to one of our broodmares.

I will miss you dearly and sweet dream my little ELLIE I hope you are running freely in those heavenly green pasture over the Rainbow Bridge. UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN MY SWEET GIRL..

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Wind Songs Stardust Supreme
Wind Songs Stardust Supreme
33 ½” 1994 AMHA Bay w/star Mare
Wind Songs Silver Supreme 30 ¼” X Wind Song Bonnie Bright 33 ½”


SADLY DECEASED on 03/05/10

This is a 33 ½” Black/Bay broodmare with white star a long with two white hind cornet bands. We were SO EXCITED ABOUT ADDING THIS MARE TO OUR BROODMARE BAND. She has the FAMOUS Del Cowboy and the FAMOUS Skip A Star bloodlines in her background on her sire side. She was put down this year and she had a nice colt out of our Rowdy son but did not make it last year that did not make it. Rest in peace our newer excellent going to be broodmare and she has produced some of the nicest refined foals for her former owner. I am glad we got to own you and care for you for these last several years.

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Darros Rowdys Night Prowler
Darros Rowdys Night Prowler
15" 2005 AMHA Grulla Stallion
NFC Rowdys Fatal Charm 31" X Darros Careless Whisper 33"
Pedigree NFC Rowdys Fatal Charm
Darros Careless Whisper Pedigree

SADLY DECEASED on 12/10/2005

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NFCS Princess Caroline
31.75" 1980 AMHA Black Mare
Ayers Mini Red Man JR 27" X NFCS Pocahuntos 33"


SADLY DECEASED on 9/23/2004
Foaled 4/3/1980

This mare is our Grand Old Dam and she is still producing beautiful foals with great conformation. She has been DNA tested with AMHA and we own the only two daughters she has produced. She had an excellent quality of life until the end, even though we did not own her for the last five years, I do really miss this Grand Old Lady. Your are now running in those green pastures in heaven with your old love, Crimson Apache now and I "THANK GOD" for the time I had with you.

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NFCS Crimson Apache
30.5" 1985 AMHA Black Pinto Stallion
Dels Apache 30" X NFCS Crimson Clover 31"


SADLY DECEASED in early 2001
Foaled 4/3/1985

This was the first stallion I ever purchased and he was an excellent show stallion. He has also sired many show horses that have been colorful along with great conformation. He placed at the National level many times, Reserve National Champion and multiple Top Ten placing. It was said that this stallion was not big enough to drive at only 30.5" tall, but we proved them wrong, with him placing Top Ten in Single Pleasure Driving Stallion at the National Show in 1990. He was also High Point Champion and Reserve Champion at the GHMHC Local Club shows. He has also won many first place trophies while showing him in other local shows. He is the half sibling to two other famous horses, 1990 National Grand Champion SR Stallion, NFCS Apache Kid and 1986 National Grand Champion SR Mare, Del Sleeping Beauty. We have two of his daughters in our breeding program and one granddaughter for our future broodmare. "I truly miss the Grand Old Man with those big beautiful blue eyes, even though he was a handful to work with".

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Darros Rowdys Persnickety Dawn
28" 1998 AMHA Sorrel With White Blaze Mare
NFC Rowdys Fatal Charm 31" X Darro Apaches Cinnamon Mist 29 ¼"


SADLY DECEASED in December 1999
Foaled 10/23/1998

This very special little filly won my heart from her birth. She was the first grand daughter to my Crimson Apache and would have made a great little show mare. Her premature death was a shock to me and set me back on my heels. I have missed watching this filly grow up to follow in her grand sire's footsteps and being a great mother to her offspring.

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