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Send in your comments and listen to some soca Soca !

Pan Java - Sweet steelpan, Low C Tenor Pan. Play your notes on the steel pan or using the keyboard. Sorry, is only one pan stick at a time dahling. Now with Recording and playing of "scores" Works best with Netscape 3.0 or 4.0.

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and featured applet of week 10, 1997.

To play a tune double click the tune in the song list and it will load ... may take a while.
And then click on play. Or click on the tune on the play list, and then click on load and then click on play ... simple eh ..
To play the pan click on the note areas (surrounded by dotted lines and play away !
Hold down yuh key to roll it and QWERTY musicians can use the keyboard
If Netscape is giving problems to load the applet try holding down your SHIFT key, and clicking on the reload button.
Please report all problems to:
Use the comments form for a special soca billboard "Slow Wine" treat !


So yuh feel to play pan, wat yuh could play !

Sometin like dis right .. CCGGAAG FFEEDDC [GGFFEED]*2

                          ^                          | back to the start


Well boy, Gravy say dat was easy, try dis on for size ......


Kitch ent easy .... try it again .... wit some riddum 

So yuh feel yuh playing sweet, yuh have a nice composition !

send meh yuh score below and we go see how it goes ....

Just record it above and copy it our of the note area and send

it via the comments form below. Gravy says if it real good it might make

the song list ... with credits ....

Hi Welcome to the Pan Java App.
Click and drag to run de pan.
You Qwerty musicians can use the
keyboard to start your pan slinging:
Ctrl+Note gives you the 1st Octave;
e.g. Ctrl+A = A1
Alt+Note gives you the 2nd Octave;
e.g. Alt+E = E2
Shift+Note sharpens the Note;
e.g. Shift+C = C#
The combinations Shift+Ctrl and Shift+Alt 
gives you the Sharpened Octaves
e.g. Shift+Ctrl+C = C1#
, and Shift+Alt+D = D2#
ALT may not work on some browsers..i.e. IExplorer
Ah hope yuh have yuh pan stick! PS. Hold down ya key and roll it!
Low C
Tenor Pan
# 1st 
Modifier Shift Ctrl Shift
Alt Shift
A A#/Bb A1 A#1/Bb1 - -
B - B1 - - -
C C#/Db C1 C#1/Db1 C2 C#2
D D#/Eb D1 D#1/Eb1 D2 D#2
E - E1 - E2 -
F F#/Gb F1 F#1/Gb1 - -
G G#/Ab G1 G#1/Ab1 - -

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What do you think about it? How would you improve upon PanJava? If it didn't work on your system, or you experienced problems, please give me some info on your browser and what platform your are running it on, and what problems occured. Thanks. Your Name: Email Address: Comments:

Send Comments, Ole Talk, Mako Meh, 2 & 3 Chord to  de little Black Boy:  
or Red Boy:
 Special thanks also to Alan Brizan.  

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