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1-15: Added a revamped Rey Bucanero Jr. I'll also be adding a requested Damian 666 and Atlantis, so be on the lookout for those templates..

1-8: Just added Tarzan Boy.. I had to do some improvising w/ some of his moves, but they work.. anyways, I have a new look, updated Rey Bucanero all ready to go, I just need to template him out. Expect that particular template tonight or tomorrow morning.

1-6: Arkangel FINALLY added. Enjoy!

1-4-00: Well.. sure you all heard the news that Spike will be publishing the next FP for the PSX2 and Wonderswann.. that's cool and all, but why not the DC?!! ;) I almost refuse to shell out the ton of money required to pick up an imported PSX2( plus, Sony is hard on stuff like this.. I doubt it'll be easy to MOD a US PSX2). Anyways, I'll leave this up to you guys.. My next template will be ARKANGEL(requested). If you want to see updates on some of the other guys(i.e. Rey Buc, Violencia,etc.)up, then e-mail me. I'll add new guys as I see fit and will take all requests into heavy consideration. I really don't want to do guys like Los Hermanos Dinemitas though.. or Rayo de Jalisco.. I'd rather save my efforts for guys with *ahem* some talent. That should do it, later.

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