Built in 1947 this school replaced the old two story building that had been used since 1912. The original school was sold and the lumber used to build a home in Camrose.

In 1953 the Industrial Arts and Home Ec. rooms were added (the old Farmington School) and students from Round Hill, Hay Lakes, Armena and Dinant were bussed in for classes. These classes were discontinued in 1964 and the shop building was used for various recreational activities. It is now a Tea Room with many displays and historic facts about the area.

The school was closed in June, 1988 and was burned down in Sept. of '88.


Brandland opened in 1910 with twenty two pupils, in July of 1920 it was hit by lightning and burned to the ground. It was rebuilt the same year for $3000.00 which included a ventilation heating system.

It closed in 1956 and the students were bussed to Kingman, Armena or Hay Lakes. In 1957 the school was sold to the east Hay Lakes Athletic Club for $50.00.


Opened in 1907, three miles south east of Kingman for a total cost of $500.00. The children spoke mostly Norwegian or Ukranian, and the first teachers punished them for not speaking English.

It closed in 1944 and the students were bussed to Kingman. The building was moved to Hay Lakes and used as a classroom there.


First called Willow Flats, it opened in 1904 and a teacherage was built in 1926. In 1938 a new Farmington school was built, the original sold to Elmer Schmidt and used as a garage. The school closed in 1949 and the students were bussed to Kingman. The teacherage was moved to Kingman in 1948, the school followed in 1949 and was used as a shop and gym.


Constructed of logs in 1905, the school cost $500.00 to build. A small barn was added for riding ponys or a team of horses for those who rode or drove to school.

In 1944 it closed and the students taken to Dinant for classes.The school building was sold for $152.00, the barn for $176.00.


Built in 1904 at a cost of $840.00, the first term had only five students and lasted three months because snow made the trails impassable. It was closed in 1952.

In 1988 the Miquelon School Homecomming was held celebrating the seventy fifth anniversary of it's opening, more than two hundred people attended.

In 1992 approximatly one hundred people attended the placement of a cairn and plaque to mark the historic site of the school house. The more than two and one half ton granite rock was hauled to the site and placed by Jerry Coombs, Floyd Erickson, Gustav Ekdahl, Harley Schmidt, Ervin Olson and Phillip Ryley.

In Sept. of 1993 a private Christian School open called the Cornerstone Christian School. Classes are from grade one to grade eleven , they hold an annual roast beef supper at the Kingman hall in Febuary.