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Alaskan War Dogs
 106 Alaskan Sled Dogs from the Nome area were used in the 1st World War. The French Government sent Captain Rene Haas to purchase dogs for use in the Vosges Mountains. "Scotty" Allan of Nome helped to choose the best dogs for them. "Scotty" Allan and Esther Birdsall Darling  owned a dog named Baldy and 28 of Baldy's son and grandsons were chosen to serve the French Army. When they were ready to go the whole group of dogs were put on a 350 ft. tow-line, Allans lead dog "Spot" led the 106 dog team through town and to the waiting ship the "Senator". The group of Alaskan Dogs were given the French Croix de Guerre for Valient Service in the battlefields of France.
The Legislative roster shows an A A Allen in the House in 1917 and in 1919. Lists his home town as Nome. Territorial Legislature did not meet every year.

It is reported in Orville Hernings Diary that "Scotty" Allan had a homestead on Wasilla Lake around 1923.

Esther Birdsall Darling, co owner of Baldy

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Special Thanks to Jon Brautigan for saving every piece of important alaskan history that is on this website.