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     It has been brought to our attention, that many of the teams participating in W.A.K.O. are using un-sportsmanlike

tactics in their pursuit of victory. W.A.K.O. has, and always will be about having fun, in a competitive manner.  To

ensure that a team's pursuit of victory does not diminish the fun for the other teams playing, we have drafted this Code of Conduct.  By participating in this Tournement, you must agree to follow the rules listed on the Rules page, as well as those presented in this Code.  Violation of either will result in a warning.  Continued violation of the Rules will necessitate your Team's removal from the Tournament.

The following are not permitted in the W.A.K.O. Tournament:

1.   Excessive Spam


        - Please note the use of the term "Excessive".  Dropping a MIRV, Caltrops, or a Spy Grenade outside an Enemy Respawn is not Excessive.  Going out of your way to do so, or ensuring that the enemy respawn doorway is constantly being barraged with Grenades of varying sorts is considered Excessive.  4 Gas Grenades tossed up against the door is also Excessive.

2.   Turtling

       - Turtling is when a team achieves a lead in score, and then increases their defense to hold out for the remainder of the game.  Since W.A.K.O.'s rules allow only one of each class to be selected on each team, such Defensive measures become impregnable.  Therefore, we require that the Defense for a W.A.K.O. not exceed 4 players.  Please note that this includes any "mid-fielders" or "skirmishers".  This also applies when your flag has been dropped.  No more then the original 4 Defensive members are allowed to "camp" your flag.

3.   Excessive Chasing

      - The definition of "chasing" is when a member of the Enemy Offense is being "chased" into your base, by a member of your Offense.  Members of your Offense are free to shoot, infect, tranq, stab, and even grenade the enemy offense, while crossing the map towards the enemy base.  If they decide to pursue the enemy, rather then continue on towards the enemy base, then they are considered "mid-fielders".  This is not a problem, provided your team meets the requirements of Rule # 2.  Again, please note the inclusion of the word "Excessive".

4.   Blocking

      - If a map designer allows an Enemy player to use doors, elevators, or lifts while in your base, then you must allow it as well.  Covering these entrances with the use of pipetraps and dispensers is allowed, but rendering them unusable to the enemy team is not.  Example: building a dispenser below the lift in Well.bsp.  so that the lift never fully lowers.

5.   MM1 Spam

      - Since W.A.K.O. is about fun, we do not restrict the total use of 'mm1' chat, like other leagues.  We do ask you to keep your comments appropriate so as not to insult an opponent.  Spam of mm1 is not tolerated, nor is mocking, or insulting comments towards your opponent.

6.   Respawn Camping

     - Preventing an Enemy from leaving their respawn, by "camping" out the door is prohibited.  This includes the

laying of Pipetraps outside the door, SG's, Hwguys, and even Snipers.  Again, doing it once to cover a flag carrier's escape is not a problem.  Doing it repeatedly, for no other purpose then to keep the Enemy Team bottled up, is a

violation of this rule.

7.    Map Bugs and Cheating

     - Map makers are not perfect.  Neither are W.A.K.O. Admins or playtesters.  If you discover a bug in any of the maps we use for W.A.K.O., then please mention it to an Admin.  If your team is caught exploiting a map bug (by exploiting we mean doing it frequently, and not just once by accident) then it will be considered cheating.  Cheats of any kind will not be tolerated.  Frankly if you feel the need to cheat in a Tourney that is "just for fun", then you have some personal issues to take care of, and we do not want you to be a part of W.A.K.O.

8.    Keep it fun

      - These rules are here to make W.A.K.O. as fun an experience for everyone.  Violations of rules can be reported to the Admins who are spectating in the match.  Simply ask them to join your team, and inform them of the problem using 'mm2' chat only!  Do not blurt out the problem through 'mm1'.  You may also take screenshots and demos for further evidence.


      Now having said that, please keep in mind that all of the above rules take the word "Excessive" to heart.  If a player "chases" you, there is no need to call an admin.  If a player throws two MIRVS instead of one at you, this is not considered "Excessive".  This requires you and your team to be a little tolerant.  Do not cry "foul"  every time someone breaks the rules. If such behavior continues throughout the match, or occurs several times, only then should you ask that an Admin keep an eye out.  Excessive Complaining is not anymore acceptable then Chasing, Spamming, and Camping.

9.    Penalties

     - All rules require penalties.  If in the opinion of an Admin, your team has violated the above rules to the point where a penalty must be imposed, it is up to the judgment of the Admin to select an appropriate reprimand.  Depending on the severity and frequency of the offense, it could entail a simple warning, forfeiture of the match, or the removal of your team from the Tournament altogether.  You can always protest the ruling of an Admin, but please do so OFF the server, and through ICQ / E-mail, and not on Public Message Forums.

Conduct page last updated 11/12/2000