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2019 200 CLUB September $50 - Mike Locasto - #48 $25 - Phil Maniaci - #177 $25 - Charles Moran - #83 October $50 – Paul DiOrio - #124 $25 – Jack Hodgetts - #62 $25 – Jennie Amendola - #77 It's Time To Renew Your Numbers For 2020! Make check ($25) out to OLPH KofC 794 - in message field put 200 Club. Thank You, Tom Romano, 631 412-3797 - 631 561-7052 ********************************************* Council Activities Food Drive: Sunday, December 1, 2019. King Kullen from 10:30- 12:30 Rangers vs Kings: Sunday Feb 9th, 2020 6pm Game, Madison Square Garden $85per Ticket, make checks payable to OLPH KOFC #794 Deadline is Dec. 29th, 2019 Islanders vs Hurricanes: March 7th, 2020 1pm Game at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum $65per ticket, make checks payable to OLPH KOFC #794 Deadline is Dec. 29th, 2019 ********************************************* Lindenhurst Veterans Day Parade The Village of Lindenhurst will be marking the 100th anniversary of the World War I Memorial in the center of the village on Monday, Nov. 11, 2019 with a short parade and ceremony. The parade will start at 10:30 AM by the Evangel Church of God, (West John St. and School Street) and proceed south on Wellwood Avenue one block to the World War I Monument in the center of town. The ceremony at the monument will start promptly at 11:00 AM. ********************************************* Memorial Mass Our Annual Memorial Mass will take place on November 12th, 2019. Mass will be held at OLPH Church at 7:30pm. Please join us in honoring those we lost this past year. ********************************************* Men’s Advent Retreat Saturday, December 14th, 2019 at OLPH School Auditorium, 11:30 Registration and fee is $20. Make checks payable to OLPH KofC #794. For more info please contact GK Stephen Strigaro. ********************************************* CHAPLAIN’S MESSAGE At this time of year here on Long Island, we are all very aware of the change of seasons. As we move through fall and into winter (a much-dreaded progression for those of us who are not fans of snow and cold weather!), we should take the opportunity to use these changes in nature to make spiritual connections. The amount of daylight diminishes; the foliage of our gardens and fields begins to change colors and eventually dies; the fruits of the harvest are gathered into pantries; and the changing weather patterns remind us that life changes. For us as Christians, though, these changes should remind us that our life is headed toward a goal and a culmination, that of the arrival of the Kingdom of God. Jesus frequently used the cycles of nature, such as the planting, cultivating, and harvesting of crops as analogies for His teaching on the Kingdom of God. We are in the final Sundays of the liturgical year, as one liturgical year draws to a close and as we approach the start of new liturgical year with the First Sunday of Advent, this year on December 1. Listen to how the readings at Mass in these weeks speak of the end times, of judgment, and of the importance of being faithful to the way of the Lord. Use these days to think and to pray about the astonishing grace and mercy of God, and of how we have been called to share in the glory of the Kingdom; we can think of the Scripture passage from Romans 6:8 as one example: “If, then, we have died with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with him.” The liturgical year ends with the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe (November 24), after which we begin the new liturgical season of Advent by focusing on the Second Coming of Christ. Let’s use these days of changing seasons, and these days of changing to a new liturgical year, by appreciating in a more powerful way the mystery of the Kingdom of God in which we share through Christ. In the words of one of the Prefaces of the Eucharistic Prayer, “In Him you have been pleased to renew all things, giving us all a share in His fullness.” ―Msgr. DeGrocco ********************************************* The Knights and Ladies Christmas party Tuesday evening, December 17th, 7:30pm Goccia D'Oro II 485 W. Montauk Hwy. Lindenhurst $40 per person (50-person limit)


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Keller’s Korner Different life stages, changing needs You may have a long-range expense for which you are saving, such as college for your children. You may be concerned about a comfortable, worry-free retirement. You may want to protect your ability to earn a living. You may wonder if needing costly long-term care will deplete your hard-earned assets. You want to have something to leave for your wife, children or grandchildren. At some point you may have had all these needs on your mind. Over time, these thoughts make way for others as your needs evolve, your finances change, and you get older. What is important to you at age 20, may not be at 30, or 45, or 65. What is the best way to be prepared for these changes before they happen? One of the easiest ways to be financially ready for changes that come with different life stages is to meet annually with your professional Knights of Columbus agent, and address the needs that his analysis uncovers. This can help you be ready to face the financial challenges and issues on the road ahead. During that annual visit, I’ll take the time to review your needs, goals and budget. I’ll update all beneficiaries on your policies and be sure your coverage meets your needs. I’ll recommend a program of life insurance, long-term care, disability income insurance and guaranteed retirement products that will help you rest easy at night. Whatever your needs, whatever your concerns, whatever your stage in life, I can help. Contact me today to learn more. Alex Keller, FICF 631-226-3831 ********************************************* PRO LIFE NEWS Baby Bottle Collection for the Life Center. Baby Bottles are due back at OLPH on the weekend of Nov 2 / 3. 40 Days for Life Fall Campaign - Ends Nov 3. Daily witness 7AM - 7 PM, in front of Planned Parenthood. at two locations 70 Maple Av. Smithtown to register: Info: 631-689-2493 540 Fulton Ave., Hempstead. (Closing Services Nov. 3rd) To register: campaigns/Hempstead Thu., Nov 7: Soundview Pregnancy Ctr. Banquet, at Melville Marriot, 1350 Walt Whitman Rd. Free Admission, but reservations a must. Fundraisers inside. 6:45-9 pm. Speaker: Roland C. Warren. For Info: 631-676-7990 - or - CALENDAR - November 2019 05 1st Council MTG- American Legion Hall 8pm 08 Chapter meeting 8pm 11 Veterans Day 12 Memorial Mass @OLPH Church 7:30pm 19 2nd Council MTG0 American Legion Hall 8pm 20 4th Degree Meeting 8pm 24 Monthly Mass at OLPH 10am 27 District 11 Meeting 8pm ********************************************* Ladies Auxiliary News Our next meeting will be, Thursday, November 21, 2019 at the Lindenhurst Rainbow Center at 7pm. Please note that we are meeting one week earlier because of Thanksgiving. The December meeting is a joint Ladies and Knights Christmas celebration. I don't know the date yet. Also, I am very honored to have been named the Knights of Columbus Italian-American of the Year. The Columbus Day Dinner Dance was awesome! Please contact Grand Knight Steve Strigaro for more info and pics. Regards, Stella ********************************************* BITS N PIECES REMINDER November 5th is ELECTION DAY Looking for a few good Brother Knights Any member interested in performing a part in our Admission (First) Degree, please contact Bob Dobres. Bob is holding rehearsals at his home for any part in this Degree. Please contact Bob at 631 592-8697 for further info. ********************************************* Message from Editor Brother Knights: Thank you for the continued push to bring our Tidings into the modern day. We had a nice respond from Brothers signing up for email Tidings. I continue to strongly urge the membership do so. Please send your email addresses to Deadline for next month Tidings Newsletter will be November 22nd, 2019. Thank you ********************************************* District Deputy Corner Worthy Grand Knight My Brothers all, Thank you for all your work that keeps the KofC strong. We can always see the Finished Product but what you don’t see is all the work getting that point. From the start of Events, to the finish and then the Critical paperwork that is due after. Clearly the unsung hero who takes an event from a thought and clearly road-marks the event and finishes it with all the necessary paperwork to give Council credits for a job well done!! Looking forward to a couple of upcoming events at OLPH your Free- Throw Contest, Keep Christ In Christmas Poster Contest and your Men’s Retreat all great programs to name a few. Last, I wish to Thank all the Officers and Members Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your Families. I know OLPH Supports the hungry in the Community and has run a successful Food Drive that will benefit so many this Thanksgiving. Thanks for all you Do!! Vivat Jesus Paul J DiOrio PGk DD *********************************************