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Grade 11 Chemistry
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Welcome to the fascinating world of CHEMISTRY!

Chemistry is a hard, and sometimes confusing subject. Believe me, the concepts don't come as easily as your teacher thinks. That's why i'm here! hopefully my site, along with the notes from your teacher, will clear up any problems you have about science.

      This shows all the wonderful aspects of your favorite subject....... Chemistry!


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   So, enjoy yourself as you look around the site, and hopefully chemistry will come to you easier than the ABC's.

Read about and keep up with Science News. Latest information on discoveries, stories, the environment, and much much more!

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This corresponds to the navigational links on the far left:
Chapter 1- Observing Matter
Chapter 2- Elements and the Periodic Table
Chapter 3- Chemical Compounds and Bonding
Chapter 4- Classifying Reactions: Chemicals in Balance
Chapter 5- Counting Atoms and Molecules: The Mole
Chapter 6- Chemical Proportions in Compounds
Chapter 7- Quantities in Chemical Reactions
Chapter 8- Solutions and Their Concentration
Chapter 9- Aqueous Solutions
Chapter 10- Acids and Bases
Chapter 11- The Behaviour of Gases
Chapter 12- Exploring Gas Laws
Chapter 13- The Chemistry Hydrocarbons
Chapter 14- Energy Trapped in Hydrocarbons

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