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HTML & Java Script Help Pages

HTML 3.0 Specification
HTML 3.2 Reference Specification
HTML 4.0 Specification
The HTML Compendium
WebTV's HTML Guide and Reference
WebTV's Developer Site (must read)
Primetime Guides, Specs, and Tools
Advanced HTML Mailing List Archives
got html?™
Macmillan Computer Publishing "Lending Library" (Online Books)
HTML Quick Reference Guide
Compact Index of HTML Tags
Welcome to Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi
HTML Help from the Web Design Group
ISO8859-1 Table (Character Codes)
ANSI_X3.110-1983 (Character Codes)
Coded Character Set
ASCII Values Table
List of Entities

Draac, the Great
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How To Use HTML In Webtv E-Mail
Ralph's Forms, Html, & Javascript Lessons
Roller - The Junction's JavaScript Rollover Maker
University of HTML
HTML 4 Rookies Tutorial
JBird11's WebTV Sig Help for Beginners
Totally WebTV
woofie's toolbox
jimxx's Excellent onMouseOver window.status Tutorial
Transloadable Webpage Scripts
Nifty Text JavaScripts Intro

Dave's HTML Tutorial (excellent, interactive)
HTML Guide: A Complete HTML Tutorial
Introduction to HTML
HTML Made Really Easy
Harvillo's Finest HTML Help
HTML Laboratory (test to your heart's content)
spaceghst's HTML/Webpage Editor
HTML Test Bed
Alt WebTV Home Screen's Advanced HTML Editor

Crafting a Nifty Personal Website
Project Cool: Anyone can build a great website!
Setting Up a Website
Creating Killer Websites Online
LinkExchange SiteInspector
Tune Up Your Website!
TLC Systems
Art and the Zen of Websites
Put your HTML on a diet
HTML Squisher
Robin's Nest for Writers--Website Development
Designing for the WebTV

Web Designer's Paradise
JavaScripts, HTML, Webdesign & Promotion
WebTV Tools by Mechanical Music
Site Analysis Tool
Internet Frontier Web Authoring Help
The Web Design Group's Web Authoring FAQ
How Do They Do That With HTML?
DevShed: Developer Resources
d e v h e a d -- Home Page
DevEdge Online - Home Page
mostly computer related, some good general info

Web Page Help
Frames Tutor: Introduction
Jonny's Frames Tutorial
Image Map Authoring Guide and Tutorial Sites
Form Tutor
Introduction to CGI Scripts and HTML Forms
WDVL's CGI, Java and Advanced Java Lessons
The CGI Resources Index
Securing your CGI scripts against hacker invasion
The Cookie Concept
Elements of HTML Style
Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide
Recipe for a Successful Website
Stupid Web Tricks
web pages that suck
bud uglly design

A Beginner's Guide to JavaScript
JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer: A Tutorial
Netscape's JavaScript Guide
NetScape's JavaScript Reference
The Way of JavaScript
JavaScripts that Suck
Voodoo's Intro to JavaScript
JavaScript Resources
d e v h e a d: Resources: ScriptLibrary
Timothy ' s JavaScript Examples
JavaScript Examples Section
Java vs. JavaScript
Java vs. JavaScript (another one)
JavaScript FAQ
JavaScript Mini-FAQ
JavaScript Station (hundreds of scripts)
**Fred's JavaScripts Page** (Background Textures too)
The JavaScript Source!!
JavaScript Cookie Scripts
24 Hour
Java Goodies (JavaScripts)
HTMLJive Demo: HTML Editor in JavaScript

Java (NOT JavaScript) Definition and Links
Java (NOT JavaScript) Lecture Notes

SBN Workshop - DHTML, HTML & CSS Topic Listing
Microsoft Cascading Style Sheet Gallery

Glossary of Internet Terms

NCSA HTML Help for Forms
The HTML Writers Guild Website
A Page with Useful HTML Links
WDVL WebTV HTML Authoring
WebTV Information
BrowserCaps Entry Page
Browser Info
WWW Viewer Test Page
Search Engine Simulator
Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer
The Web Developer's Virtual Library
Web Link - guide to free internet services
Web Developers' Corner
Cyber Guide-Web Developers and Designers
Mega Web Tools
Instant Online Banner Creator
Webmaster Territory
Webmasters Toolbox
Watson's Internet Tools
Free Home In-the-Net Webpage Tools
Internet Tool Zone - FREE Guestbooks, Counters,
Web Chat and more!

Virtual Free Stuff: WebMaster's Tools
Webstar Custom Web Design
David Siegel's Design Project
HTML Editors
Em's Page (WebTV Homepage Help)
WebTV Forum
Andresen's WebTV Page
Newbies HTML Help Page
MagicCom's WebTV Magic Services!
The Ultimate Counter
Millenium Free Guestbooks
Free Counters from Pagecount
LE FastCounter
Reynolds Free Clocks and Counters
Millenium Hit Counters
CyberHits Free Counters
WebCounter Home Page
Counters, Counters, Counters
A1 WebSite Promotions
321 Calendar System and Survey Maker

HTML Junkyard
Sunflower's HTML Help Page
HTML Goodies (rents images for linking)
Ruel's WebTV Links Page
Spiderplant's WebTV HTML Tips
A WebTV HTML Tips page at Geocities
Linda's Potpourri
WebTV and PSX Info Page
Tom's Place
BNJPUNK's WebTV Instant Messager
Sandman's Dungeon
React's Codes
WebTV Webring
WebTV Technical Specs and FAQ
WebTV Resources and Information at
BIPED 2-protocol editor
CAO Design: Professional Site Design and Hosting
Welcome to CGI Free
Datarealm: CGI Space for Rent
World Wide Mart: CGI Space for Rent
HTML Hacking Scripts
Shorten Your Homepage URL

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