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Transloader Help

This is to explain how the transloader works and what each field means. This should help you on ANY transloader because the instructions are basically the same for each.

Last Visited URL: This shows you the address to the page you just came from.

Source URL: This is where you put the adrress of the page or image you want to upload to your site.

Rename to: What you want to name the page or image your uploading ... example: index.html, graphic.gif

Target FTP Server: The ftp address to your homepage ... examples:
NOTE: If you dont see the FTP address for your site, you will have to ask the server your site is hosted on. Not all homepages have FTP access.

Target Account Name: Your user name to your site.

Target Account Password: Your user pass word to your site.

Upload Directory: What directory do you want to upload the image or page to ... example: images ... if you dont have a directory leave blank.

The other boxes leave alone, you dont need to do anything to them. When you filled all this out hit the TRANSLOAD button. It will take you to a page, WAIT, it will automatically reload the page to the ftp log. Then keep reloading the page until you see the ZAP button, click that and your done! NOTE: You DO need a homepage in order to transload pages or images. If your dont have one, look on my "Free Homepages" and get one. I recommend Tripod. Easy to set up and use.



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