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Chris' quiet little, infrequently updated, web backwater

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AHEM. It has come to my attention (that little Java counter told me) that there are a surprising number of people coming through here. Only a tiny handful of you have bothered to sign the guestbook. Since I've gone to the trouble to do all this the least you could do is spare me a quick hello surely?

3rd March 2004. Well, now there's a thing. Having pretty much abandoned this site for several years, I discover that Sonic T Bunny is now indexed on search engines all over the web. Something I'd not have predicted, but rather nice actually.

Anyhow, if it is my bunny you are interested in, I'm going to keep his page here as a cyber memorial (soppy I know, but then I'm like that) Most of the rest of the site has been dismantled, but seems like as good a place to find me in the future should you be trying to locate me.



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