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Who am I

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Ahhh. The ultimate vanity. The 'ole who am I page. As if you actually care!

However for the record, I am male (I'm told) 34 years old, I live in North Carolina, (Florida and up a bit, or New York and down a bit) It's a green sort of place and generally quiet pleasant. I emmigrated here in March 04 and it's all still a bit odd.

Of the assorted creatures, Sonic the rabbit is by far the coolest creature around. He is a house trained bunny (yes you can do it - it's easy and very worthwhile - check out the House Rabbit page) Sonic basically chills and keeps me company by grooming me in the evenings .

When not working, which sadly is far too small a fraction of my life, I can usually be found up a mountain, or halfway down a river, upside down bashing my head on rocks. I find this highly therapeutic. I am a BCU qualified kayak coach, MLTB mountain leader, rock climbing instructor, GNAS archery leader, orienteering coach, RYA rescue boat driver, PADI diver etc. etc. ad nauseam. I also kickbox & practice Wing Tchun  (which seems to bring out the masochist in me as I usually can't walk after a good session) I've even been know to breath fire. All this is in a vain attempt to stay fit as I spend entirely too many hours flying a desk for a living.

I am a vegetarian and have been for 10 years.

I think that covers it, if you are interested in anything else, drop me an email and I'll happily chat.