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Week 6 -  La Grange vs. Smithville:

The La Grange Leopards traveled to Smithville to take on the Smithville Tigers for their district opener on Friday, October 13. The Leopards scored on their first four possessions with the first score coming off of the third play of the opening drive.  Gunn scrambled 53 yards for the Leps' first score, and the PAT was good making it 7-0.  However, the Tigers would answer back in quick fashion, but their PAT failed making the score 7-6.  Their quick response was a little unexpected leaving a 'scary' feeling for Leopard fans on this Friday the 13th.

Throughout the night, the offensive line would provide many offensive opportunities for La Grange. In addition, the Leopard defense would hold the Tigers hampering their scoring. The game stayed close for a short while, but the Leopards would take control and ease into halftime with a commanding 39-12 lead.

The second half would see LG tack on one more touchdown and pat making the final score 46-12.  Several players were able to play during the second half which will be beneficial down the road.  Those athletes who had to step up responded well.

Other District Results:  Hallettsville 16, Hempstead 3; Columbus 14, Bellville 9

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Week 7 -  La Grange vs. Hallettsville:

On Friday, October 20, 2000, the Leopards traveled to Hallettsville to take on the Brahmas for the second district game.  The Leopard offense moved the ball and scored on Hallettsville easily throughout the entire night.  Excellent blocking from the offensive line and the backfield contributed greatly to the offense's success of 511 yards.  The Leps scored on every possession except their final one when they took a knee at the Brahma 5. 

LG vs. Hallettsville

The Leopards racked up 25 first downs and never had to punt.  The defense adjusted early after allowing only two scores.  The first quarter initially had the feel of an offensive battle with three touchdowns being scored in the first 11 plays.  The Leps scored on their opening drive with a 27-yard run.  The Brahmas would answer back with a score of their own, but the Leopards would respond immediately again.  The Leps lead 35-14 at the half.

LG vs. HallettsvilleThe second half would see La Grange score on a 37-yard run on the first possession.  LG would then recover two fumbles converting them into scores with one resulting in a 70-yard return run.  The Hallettsville quarterback would be sacked three times throughout the night.  Final score:  LG 59 Hallettsville 14.

La Grange is gearing up for what should be a tough battle with the Bellville Brahmas on Friday, October 27, at Leopard Stadium. 

Other District Results:  Bellville 17, Hempstead 12; Columbus 40, Smithville 0

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Week 8 -  La Grange vs. Bellville:

LG vs. Bellville

La Grange hosted the Bellville Brahmas on Friday, October 27 for their third district match up.  The Brahmas would win the toss and chose to receive.  On their first possession, they drove down to the Leps' 32; but they could not convert a fourth down turning the ball over to the Leopards.  The Leopards' first play from scrimmage would result in a touchdown, and the only La Grange play during the first quarter.  Gunn would run 64 yards to score.  Seifert's kick was good, making it 7-0.

The Leopard defense would contain the Bulls on their next possession forcing them to punt; however a roughing the kicker penalty would be assessed on the Leps giving Bellville another try which would ultimately result in a 15-play, 75-yard touchdown drive.  Their PAT was good making the score 7-7.  

The two teams would trade possession throughout the second quarter, but La Grange would add two more touchdowns resulting in a 21-7 halftime score.

LG vs. Bellville

LG vs. Bellville

Thirty-three points would be scored during the third quarter -- La Grange 20 and Bellville 13, leaving the score 41-20 at the end of the third quarter.  Melnar recovered a fumble for the Leps at the Brahma 13 on the kickoff.  Gunn would score on the next play with Seifert's kick good.  Bellville would respond by scoring as well.  Then the Brahmas recovered their onside kick, but it did not travel the ten required yards leaving the Leps with good field position.  Defense would score the final touchdown for the Leps when Muzny returned a fumble.  Final score:  La Grange 48, Bellville 20.

Other District Results:  Hempstead 26, Columbus 0; Hallettsville 23, Smithville 20

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Week 9 -  La Grange vs. Columbus:

The Columbus Cardinals hosted the La Grange Leopards on Friday, November 3; however, one would have believed they were in La Grange instead of Columbus by looking at the stands.  The La Grange fans easily outnumbered the Columbus fans 3 to 1 (or more).  La Grange fans could definitely not be called "fair weathered." In spite of the inclement weather, their loyalty was rewarded with a commanding victory and final score of 39-7, as well as the 25-3A District crown. 

LG vs. Columbus
LG vs. Columbus

La Grange would dominate the Cardinals the entire game with the offense scoring easily throughout the night.  Defense would hold Columbus to one score.

The Cardinal's defense put 11 on the line which stopped LG's outside game, but it opened up the passing game.  Gunn was able to complete 5 of 7 passes for 245 yards which included 5 different receivers and 3 touchdowns.  

The Leopard's first score was set up when Kevin Ulrich blocked a Columbus punt, and Justin Jasek caught it at the line of scrimmage giving La Grange great field position.  La Grange would rack up 33 points in the first half; Columbus 7.

The first half of the game was primarily dry after most fans had experienced a drive to Columbus in a downpour.  But the second half would be played almost entirely in the rain making the field and ball slippery.  In spite of the weather, La Grange was able to add an additional touchdown to their score, but the kick was blocked.

Other District Results:  Bellville 22, Hallettsville 15; Hempstead 26, Smithville 0

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Week 10 -  La Grange vs. Hempstead:

La Grange hosted the Hempstead Bobcats on Friday, November 10, 2000, and the number one defense in the district was blasted by the Leopards. Going into the game, the Bobcats had allowed only 67 points in district play.  However, when it was all said and done, the Leopards had scored 49 points.

The Bobcats did come out ready to play, though, and stopped LG on their first two possessions.  In addition, the Cats scored on their first drive taking the lead 7-0.  

LG vs. Hempstead
LG vs. Hempstead

The Leopard defense played extremely well and helped to cause four Hempstead turnovers on which La Grange was able to capitalize.  In addition the Lep defense held Hempstead to a -8 yards.  At halftime, the Leopards lead 34-7. In all LG recovered 5  fumbles and 2 interceptions.

La Grange was forced to make adjustments in their offensive and defensive plans.  Because Hempstead's defense stunted, Gunn was forced to call some plays from the line of scrimmage.  Final score was LG 49, Bobcats 7.

Other District Results:  Bellville 31, Smithville 0; Columbus 32, Hallettsville 16

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25-3A District Statistics:


Team Wins Losses Points Opponents
La Grange 5 0 241 60
Bellville 3 2 99 89
Columbus 3 2 93 90
Hallettsville 2 3 84 136
Hempstead 2 3 74 94
Smithville 0 5 44 166



Team Rushing Passing Total Average
La Grange 3057 993 4050 405.0
Bellville 2414 653 3067 306.7
Hallettsville 1942 572 2514 251.4
Hempstead 1466 958 2424 242.4
Columbus 1918 499 2417 241.7
Smithville 1510 721 2231 223.1



Team Rushing Passing Total Average
Hempstead 1524 330 1854 185.4
La Grange 1320 994 2314 231.4
Bellville 1301 1084 2385 238.5
Hallettsville 2023 784 2807 280.7
Columbus 1975 1240 3215 321.5
Smithville 2725 973 3698 369.8


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