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72 Hour Kits Lesson Guide

Below is a lesson guide to teach about food storage. If you are printing a handout and do not wish to print headers and footers, go to FILE, PAGE SETUP and deselect those options!

72 Hour Kits Cover Sheet: to staple in front of any handouts you give.

I. Are You Ready?: Take this survey to find out how prepared you are for disaster

This survey from The Family.Com is print-ready.

II. 72 Hour Disaster Supplies Kit from the American Red Cross and FEMA

A print-ready version of the American Red Cross 72 hour kit with guidelines.

III. 72 Hour Kit In A Bucket: This will take you to a link from The Family.Com

An idea for a 72 hour kit in a one gallon container.

IV. More Tips on Creating A 72 Hour Kit: from The Family.Com

V. 72 Hour Kits On The Internet Handout

VI. 72 Hour Kit Links