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Berlin Pee Wee Wagons

Description Wheels Wgt. Body SKU # Price
Pee-Wee Big Wheelbf257bw.gif (19051 bytes) 10x3 36 lb. 26x15x7 F257BW $116
Pee-Wee Flyer    peeweeflyer.jpg (19752 bytes) 7x1 21 lb. 26x15x7 F257 $67
Wee-Toddler (no steering) WEE.jpg (11056 bytes) 5x1 10 lb. 22x15x10 F100 $36

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Each of these wagons are great by themselves, each one serves a different need. 

Key Benefits

Tag-Along Trailer   

Berlin Loadmaster  

Berlin Flyer/Sport