Lawrence County, Kentucky Ancestor Photos

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Thornton & Elizabeth Moore ~ Photo contributed by Lloyd L. & Doris J. Moore


Ella Crabtree ~ If you have additional information, please email me. Photo contributed by ??? (Sorry, lost with a PC crash. If you will email me, I will give you credit.)


  Hesta Dixon ~ Hesta Dixon was born August 1, 1902 in Wittensville, KY. She was the daughter of Alonzo Dixon and Mary (Hayes) Dixon.  She died on August 16, 1962.  I purchased a copy of this photo from her daughter Mary Maxine (Davis) Wilcox at a Hayes Family Reunion.  Photo contributed by Joanne Elliott


Milton Travis ~ Milton Travis was born October 22, 1890 in Brushy Fork of Blaine, Lawrence County, KY, and died February 27, 1973 in Springfield, Clark County, OH. He was the son of Doc & Sarah Ann (Pack) Travis. He married Julia Cordial / Cordle on January 29, 1911 in Lawrence County, KY.  Photo contributed by Joanne Elliott

  Compton School, Lawrence County ~ Row 1 left to right:  Chester Kitchen, Willard Carter, Nolan Kitchen, Tivis Kitchen, Roy Pennington, Orville Kitchen, Dee Wright, unidentified. Row 2:  Elizabeth Kitchen Chaffin, Dova Derfield, Thelma Kitchen, Noah Combs, Jom Kitchen, John Kitchen, Nolan Webb. Row 3:  Lockie Compton, Lucille Compton, Lora Pennington, Eliza Helen Kitchen Adlam, Myrtie Mae Carter Jobe, Okey Kitchen, Elizabeth Kitchen, Edgar Compton.  Back Row:   Martha Kitchen Berry, Minnie Pennington Hughes, Alma Kitchen Chaffin, Effie Wright Kitchen, Sophie Pennington Savage, and Mary Pennington. Teacher unidentified.  Photo contributed by Lennie Carter, courtesy of Eliza Helen Kitchen Adlam, & information taken from The Carter Family ~ The Genealogy and Family History of the VIRGINIA CARTERS and their Migration to Lawrence County, Kentucky,  by Lennie M. Carter.

  Livenia Kitchen Wright Carter & Berta Wright ~ Born September 2, 1883, daughter of William A. Kitchen and Martha Ann Cooksey. She married first Calvin Wright and had one daughter Berta who is in the picture. Berta was born April 1, 1899 and married Eskel Dee Wright who is pictured in the Wright photograph. Livenia married George Carter in 1903. George died in 1949 and Livenia died in 1974.  Photo & infomation contributed by Lennie Carter.


Lee & Missouri Adams Ekers ~  Lee Ekers and his second wife Missouri Adams.  Photo contributed by Lennie Carter & information taken from The Carter Family ~ The Genealogy and Family History of the VIRGINIA CARTERS and their Migration to Lawrence County, Kentucky,  by Lennie M. Carter.


 Elisha  Wright ~ Elisha Wright, son of Martin Wright and Erie Jobe. He was born in 1918 and served in WWII. Photo contributed by Lennie Carter & information taken from Cooksey & Jobe Book,  by Lennie M. Carter.


  George Franklin Adkins, 1897 ~1971 & Ollie Leah Hewlett, 1903 ~ 1974.  George Franklin Adkins was born August 22, 1897 in Yatesville, Lawrence County, KY the first son of Andrew L. Adkins and Rachel Marcum.  He attended Morgan Creek School attaining only a 4th grade education. He met Ollie Leah Hewlett and married on October 16, 1920 in Louisa. Ollie was the daughter of William Birch Hewlett and Martha Salters. George and Ollie began their family on a small farm near Five Forks Hill until they moved into Louisa in 1940. George Franklin worked for the Columbia Gas Company and travelled to different oil drilling locations throughout the county and retired after 43 years of service. Ollie never worked outside the home as she was a full-time mother, wife, and house keeper. Even after he moved into town, George and Ollie continued to farm, growing a small garden behind their house and maintaining a tobacco bed out in the county which George tended to with a mule. Ollie kept her home and yard filled with all types of flowers and plants as she definitely had a green thumb when it came to gardening. Together they had 8 children--6 living to adulthood. George Franklin died on February 12, 1971 in Louisa and Ollie died on April 5, 1974. They are buried in the Greenlawn Cemetery West in Lawrence County. Photo & information contributed by Beverly Pack.


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