Lawrence County, Kentucky Ancestor Photos

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Julia (Cordle/Cordial) Travis, 1895 ~ 1949.  Julia "Jully" Cordle, daughter of  George Washington & Elizabeth (Hayes) Cordial , was born on August 15, 1895 in Little Blaine, Lawrence County, KY.  She married Milton Travis, son of Doc & Sarah A. (Pack) Travis , on January 29, 1911 in Lawrence County.   Julia died February 21, 1949 in Springfield, Clark County, OH. She was the Grandmother of Joanne Elliott.   Photo & information contributed by Joanne Elliott.


Pearly Jane & Sarah Elizabeth "Beck" Travis.  Daugthers of Milton & Julia (Cordle/Cordial)Travis. Pearly Jane (1927 ~ 1995) married Everette "Gene" Whetstone. Sarah "Beck" Elizebeth (1925 ~ 1993) married Homer Ray Hamilton.  Beck was the mother of Joanne Elliott.   Photo & information contributed by Joanne Elliott.

  Wright Family ~  Left to right: William Marion Wright, Eskel Dee on his lap, Sophie standing with doll, Minnie holding Effie. Back: Ella, Tivis, Mart, Denny and Lewis. Eskel Dee married Berta Wright. Mart married Erie Jobe.Their family is listed in my Cooksey Book. Sophie married Lewis Kitchen. Effie married Dewey Kitchen. Photo contributed by Lennie Carter . . . courtesy of Golda Crabtree Carter, daughter of Ella that married William Crabtree. Some of these folks are listed in The Kitchen Family Book, by Lennie M. Carter.

  William & Margaret (Carter) Hayes.  William "Bill" Hayes, son of Bazeal & Sarah "Sally" Ann (Pack) Hayes, was born October 19, 1826 in Charley. His second marriage was to Margaret Carter, the daughter of Thomas & Katherine (Burton) Carter, on June 20, 1859.  Margaret was born March 21, 1839 in Irad.  Photo contributed by Theodore Walter & information taken from The Hayes Family Book, by L. Thelma Chandler Walter & Theodore B. Walter.

  Bazeal & Ardelia (Bowling) Hayes.  Bazeal Hayes (Hohimer), the son of Anna Hohimer & adopted son of Isaac Hayes, was born March 28, 1806. His second marriage was to Ardelia Bowling, the daughter of Rhoda Bowling, on April 15, 1850.  Ardelia was born June 22, 1833. Bazeal died on January 15, 1889 & Ardelia died on February 19, 1911. Bazeal is buried between his two wives at Charley.   Photo contributed by Theodore Walter & information taken from The Hayes Family Book, by L. Thelma Chandler Walter & Theodore B. Walter.

Travis Family.  These family members are not identified.  Just for comparison, I will also include the funeral photograph for Doc Travis.  As you can see, this is the Travis Family with most of the same individuals..  It even looks like it was taken in the same location -- possibly for another funeral.  If you can provide additional information, please email me.  Photo contributed by ???  (Sorry, lost with PC Crash.  Please email me and I will post proper credit.) 

On far left: Tennie (Travis) Walters, b: 1878;  unidentified Travis; Roy B. Travis, b: 1918; Perlina Travis, b: 1894;  this is either Noah Travis, b: 1891 or Henry Travis, b:1888; Julia (Cordle/Cordial) Travis, b: 1895;  Milton Travis, b: 1890; Greenville Travis, b:1895; James Garfield Travis, b: 1886. Can you help identify the remaining folks?  Photo contributed by Theodore B. Walter and information from Joanne Elliott.

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