Big Sandy News & Death Notices 1885 - 1897

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A few years back, Marlitta H. Perkins, 14th KY Regimental Historian, was searching in old issues of the Big Sandy News and extracted the following notices/ obits .  Marlitta has graciously offered them  for posting on this site.  Many thanks, Marlitta! 

Also, Marlitta is currently writing a book on the 14th Kentucky Infantry Regiment. She would love to hear from anyone that had an ancestor in this regiment.


Jan.26, 1888:

On January 8th Missouri Hicks died of pneumonia fever.

On January 9th, the wife of Calvin Perkins died.


Apr.11, 1888:

Died last week at Glenwood, the daughter of Wesley Webb, of typhoid fever.

Died, Jane Stewart of Cat's fork, of consumption

Died last week, the infant child of John Pennington's.


August 2, 1888:

Died, on the 28th instant,an infant child of J.C. Webb, of flux


May 25, 1894:

Wm. Carter has lost three children inside of ten days, and two or three more are not expected to live(measles).

Wm. Howell lost a little girl about six years old (measles).


August 3, 1894:

Jerry Riffe Jr. shot and killed Lee Moseley. Both parties were drunk. They had been taking in an excursion to Riverton and Moseley said he was going to go back to Willard and Riffe said that he should not go. A few words were passed when Riffe said "I am going to shoot you." The shooting took place on Sunday and Moseley died on Tuesday at 4 o'clock. The boys were always the best of friends and never before had a word of trouble, but such is the result of whiskey. What must have been the feeling of the father when the news reached him of the shooting when just seven months and seven days before one of his sons had been killed?


April 19, 1895:

Wm. Kouns, of Cherokee, died last Friday and his remains were laid to rest in the old family graveyard on Bolts Fork. He leaves many friends and relatives to mourn his loss.


October 8, 1897:

Died on the 4th instant, Caroline, the wife of A.J. Woods. She was a great sufferer and leaves many friends to mourn her loss.




November 12, 1885:

Em Prater,colored, died in Louisa, Tuesday.


November 19, 1885:

Dr. Banfield, administrator of Greenville Kinner, deceased.

Miss Carrie Snead, youngest daughter of S.H. Snead, died last Tuesday afternoon.


August 18, 1887:

On August 4th, 1887, Judge John Jordan departed this life. His death is lamented by his multitude of acquaintances. The deceased has served as clerk Lawrence County and Circuit Courts, once faithfully represented this county in the Legislature, was twice elected County Judge and has served as a Justice of the Peace; and in all these capacities he has acquitted himself with satisfaction to his constituents and honor to himself. At the time of his death he was Treasurere of Lawrence county. His many friends deeply deplore his loss to the county. He leaves 10 living children -four sons and six daughters- of whom eight are married. He was a member of the Christian church and his last words were a profession of faith in the Saviour. The sympathy of the community is with the family.


February 16, 1888:

James F. Estep, son-in-law of D.J. Casey,Esq., killed in coalmines in Caperton, W.VA. on the 5th instant.His body was brought here and interred at the Casey cemetery on the 8th.


May 17, 1888:

James Asberry Boldman, little son of F.M. Boldman, departed this life May 4, 1888. He was nearly 14 months old (see obituary)


July 18, 1889:

Death of an Ancient Odd Fellow. Died, on last Sunday, at his home in Louisa, Mr Matthew Drake, aged 69. He had been in an almost helpless condition for several months and daeth was no doubt a welcome relief for him. The burial took place on Tuesday under the auspices of the Louisa Lodge, of the I.O.O.F., of which the deceased was a faithful member of longstanding. He leaves seven motherless children, his wife having died four years ago.Mr. Drake was born in Pennsylvania and leaving home when a boy he became a sailor, which occupation he followed for thirty years, traversing nearly all the seas of the world. He drew a pension for service in the Mexican war. He came to Louisa to visit a sister twenty-five years ago, and resided here ever since. He married here and was engaged in the merchandising business for some time.From the best information we can obtain it seems that he was probably one of the oldest Odd Fellows in the country, as he joined the "Ancient Order" a great many years ago in Baltimore.


October 27, 1893:

Peter I. Skaggs, one of our oldest citizens, died at his home in this place yesterday evening, after an illness of several days. Had he lived until December he would have been 79 years old. He leaves two daughters - Mrs.A.P. Ferguson and Mrs. David Wellman. His wife died several years ago.


September 21, 1894:

Bertha, daughter of John M. and Grace Diamond, departed this life August 2, 1894, aged one year and four days..(see obituary)



Edmond's Branch

November 26, 1885:

Miss Francis Marcum departed this life on the 13th inst. Her remains were interred on the 15th.


May 3, 1888:

Miss Fannie Cooksey, daughter of the late Wm. Cooksey, departed this life on 30th April at age 13. A large number of friens and family mourn her loss.


Little Blaine

August 11, 1886:

We chronicle the death of Miss Mary B. Elderman, daughter of H. P. and Rebecca Elderman, who was born March 13, 1870, and died August 3rd, 1887, aged 17 years. She was coverted in the revival in September, 1885 at the Moore chapel, being conducted by the Rev. French Rice.She lived a faithful member of the church, and though very young, she would lead at our prayer meetings and always speak in class meeting. She was also a member of our Sunday School, in which she took great delight. She was taken on Thursday violently with inflation of the stomach and bowels, which terminated in flux, resulting fatally on Wednesday following. At 4 o'clock P.M. she said she was crossing and was very happy, and mentioned some of her relatives being with her, whom she had never seen and that Jesus and the angels werewith her, and for her ma not to grieve. She embraced and kissed her mother. She was rational all the while and knew all present and requested them to meet her in heaven. She was buried in the Moore cemetery, the funeral services being conducted at the house, and also at the grave, two miles below, by the writer (W.H.C.McKinster)...(see obituary)


February 16, 1888:

Mrs. Garfield Berry died a few days since.

Also Aunt Cinda Packwood short time ago.


March 8, 1888:

Uncle James Moore died February 18; cause of death was cancer. He was over 80 years old.

Pamelia Jordan, daugher of Jerry and Fannie Jordan, died February 20, aged 23. She joined the Church at 14.

Parker Wallace died at Asher Miller's on 17. February.

Annie Burton, wife of S.P. Burton, died on 14. February. She left a husband and several children.


October 8, 1897:

The funeral of Elizabeth Berry was preached on the 3rd inst., at Walnut Gap Dry Ridge by Rev. R.F. Rice, to a large congregation. 800 or 1000 people were present.


George's Creek


January 14, 1886:

G. W. Chandler of George's Creek while chopping down a tree for a racoon was struck on the head by falling timber and killed. He lived about 3 hoursafter the accident.


July 5, 1888:

Died, Martha Vanhoose, daughter of Wm. Vanhoose.


Mrs. Abraham Griffith, died last week, buried on Sunday according to the rules of the Farmer's Alliance. She leaves a large family of children.



February 2, 1888:

An infant child of Lindsay Layne died last week of spinal meningitis.

Our little village was the scene of great excitement and sorrow when the news reached here of the accidental death of  J. W. Stewart near White House, on the Chattaroi Railroad. The grief of the young wife was beyond description. When the train arrived with the mangled form a cloud of sincere grief shadowed every coutenance. Next morning the aged father of the deceased arrived from Brownstown, W.Va., to behold the lifeless form of his beloved son, with whom he parted two years ago. He left for his home on Monday. Before leaving he returned his thanks to the people here and the Chattaroi Railroad for the kindness shown his dead son and family. A subscription list was started on Monday by Sam Doss and the tressle men of the railroad, for the benefit of the widow who is prostrate with grief, and left with only a small pittance for future support.


March 29, 1888:

Died, an infant child of Lafayette Burns.

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