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Elza Ball,  1846 ~ 1924.  Headstone of Elza Ball at Ball Cemetery (near Elza Ball Log cabin) at Dryridge Ky in Lawrence County The cemetery ( we always called it the ball cemetery, not sure if that is right) is out 32 west of louisa (I think about 10 miles ????) just pass Adams then at top of a hill is a road to right called dryridge road not sure if it is marked or not , out that road a little ways is a old church on left just pass the church is a little road (path haha) to the right was a gate but is open , down the road about one fourth mile or so just as you start down a hill on right is a little clearing and the cemetery , not marked , road isnt to good but last summer I made it there in a mustang, now pass the cemetery is the elza ball log cabin ( I would walk, road is bad) some one lives there at the log cabin or did last year.. on 32 is the yatesville memorial garden some relative are in there.. there is a lot of graves that was travsfer when they build the yatesville dam. 

W.T. & Victoia (Ball) Fugitt. Headstone of of my grandparents in same cemetery.

Photos and information contributed by Carl B. Franklin.


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Isaac Hayes,   Isaac was a brother to Delilah Hayes Travis. It is located on the right side of the road not far from where you turn onto Travis Branch. Taken in 2007.  Photos and information contributed by Val McKenzie.



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 Joseph Davidson Moore,  1832 ~ 1860.  J. D. Moore, SGT., Co. D., 14th. Ky. Inf... Joseph Davidson Moore was born 1832 at Mattie, Lawrence County, KY.  He was the son of William Moore and his second wife, Lucinda B. Miller.  Joseph married in Lawrence County on January 16, 1855 to Nancy Thompson, the daughter of Wesley Thompson and Esther Pack.  He served as a Sergeant in Company D, 14th Kentucky Infantry during the Civil War.  He died at Mattie on August 5, 1880 and is buried in the William Moore Cemetery at Mattie, Lawrence County, KY.  Photo c information contributed by Ken Thompson.


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 Amos H. Cordle Moore & Jennie Thompson, Amos H. Cordle, 1831 - 1911 & Jennie Thompson, 1831 - 1910.  Amos H. Cordle was born on January 6, 1831, on the Raccoon Fork of Brushy Creek, Lawrence County, KY.  He was the son of William Cordle, Sr. and his first wife, Jane Wheeler. Amos married in Johnson County, KY on March 9, 1849 to the lady, who would be his life long companion and mother of their 16 children, Jennie Thompson.

Jennie was born on March 13, 1831 on the Mattie Fork of Little Blaine Creek. She was the daughter of Russell Thompson and his first wife, Frances Nelson.

Amos and Aunt Jennie, as she was call, lived most of their married life on their farm situated on Brushy Creek.  No less than 13 of their 16 children were born on this farm and many of their descendants live in this area today.

Jennie died here on Feb. 8, 1910 and Amos on June 9, 1911. T he following article appeared in The Big Sandy News  following Jennie' death. The Big Sandy News, Feb. 25, 1910. OBITUARY: "Jennie Cordle, wife of Amos Cordle, was born March 13, 1831, and departed this life February 8, 1910. Her maiden name was Jennie Thompson, and she was married to Amos Cordle Mar 9, 1861 {should be 49}. She died at her home on Brushy Fork of Blaine, where she had lived for 58 years. Mrs. Cordle had been a faithful and devoted member of the United Baptist Church for 49 years. She was the mother of 16 children of which 11 are still living, and are among the most prominent and useful citizens of our county. Those living are Fannie, wife of Milt Hays, Lucy, wife of John Isaac and Mary, wife of W. M. Lester. Jerry, Enoch, Bill, John, Tom, Lewis and Jesse Cordle are the sons who are prosperous farmers living mostly in the same neighborhood where their parents have passed so many useful and happy years. One son and four daughters have passed to the Great Beyond. One an infant, 16 months old; the others were Russell Cordle, Mrs. James Adams, Mrs. Jake Arrington and Mrs. John H. Curnutte. Somewhat removed from the center where wealth could be accumulated speedily, still by hers and her husband's frugality and industry they have attained enough of this world's goods for all their needs on life's eventful road. Mrs. cordle was a deeply pious woman. She had a abiding peace with God for almost half a century. She carried out in her life what she experienced in her heart. She was a faithful, energetic Christian woman. I have been informed by those who were with her in her last hours that she was not alarmed at the approach of death. Like the soldier who is nerved and strengthened by the words of his commander in the midst of the battle, so was she as she though of her chief Commander, the Lord Jesus, who said, "Lo, I will be with you always even unto the end." After 79 years of swiftly rolling time the wheels of life stood still. The tired heart ceased it's throbbing; the immortal spirit of this good woman winged its flight to a better and fairer world. May God bless the disconsolate and bereaved husband and all the children, and enable them by grace devine to meet her in Heaven. A Friend"  Photo & information contributed by Ken Thompson.

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 Tabitha Moore,  1828 ~ 1868. Tabitha Moore was born in Lawrence County, KY on June 6, 1828.  She was the daughter of Zachariah Hale and Rebecca Branham.  She was married in Lewis County, KY on November 14, 1843 to Samuel T. Moore, the son of William Moore and Nancy Thompson.

Samuel T. and Tabitha first settled on the Brushy Fork of Big Blaine Creek and later on the Mattie Fork of Little Blaine. She died July 20, 1868 and was laid to rest in the William Moore Cemetery at Mattie, Lawrence County, KY.   Photo & information contributed by Ken Thompson.

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 Frederick Moore Vinson ~ Click here for additional information. Photo contributed by Dr. Joseph E. Billuups.




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