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Mormor Sewing Studio

Owner, Mormor Sewing
Call 979-242-5097 for information
Leann McClain

Longarm quilting services are available as of November, 2013.
 I would love to help you with your quilting needs.
Mormor Sewing Studio can satisfy your needs. How will the Studio do that?  My  visit with you will assure you that what I learn about you in our consultation will result in the best quilt for the person who receives it.  

I will use the highest quality materials on your quilts.

I use an APQS Millennium, the top of the line longarm quilting machine APQS manufactures.
I use high quality thread from Superior Threads and other companies.
I use  80/20 (cotton/poly blend) Hobbs Heirloom batting, Quilter's Dream Oriental blend batting, or 100% washable wool upon request
I can do hand guided, custom designs, freehand or pantograph.
Each finished quilt is returned to you with batting and backing trimmed to your liking.  If unspecified the batting and backing are trimmed to 1/4 inch.
I will listen to you so the result is YOUR quilt. Your dream quilt can be enhanced with customized designs.  I would love to collaborate with you to help you meet your vision of the perfect quilt that will one day be a cherished heirloom.


I'm a proud APQS longarm quilter

Fandango Transformation
Pieced, appliquéd

"Jeans And An Old Shirt"
Level 2 Quilting

Level 3 Quilting

Callas Through Garden Windows
Level 4 Quilting

Appliquéd center block

Longarm Quilting Services

Medium to Large Basic Meander = $0.015.  Meanders are great for finishing a quilt that is to be given to a charity or where you want the piecing to be the "star".  It is very basic and does not overpower your piecing.  Think stipple or loopy meander.  It does not take into account the piecing or any applique.  Any piecing and applique will be stitched through as though it is not there.  

Edge to Edge  or Heirloom Designs

Prices start at $0.015-$0.04 per sq. inch

1. Edge to edge of quilt with no separate border treatment.  This will add wonderful texture to your project.  Simple meander, edge to edge pantograph. Modern straight lines (not stitch in the ditch), wavy lines, continuous curves or twists  Freehand swirls or stipple = $0.015

2.  More complex pantographs, simple custom designs starting point is $0.025-$0.04 per sq. inch depending on density

3.  Feathers, stitch in the ditch, dense designs,  pictorals $0.035

4. Totally unique customized heirloom quilting = $0.04 per square inch

How to calculate quilting only costs:

All prices are by the square inch. You provide the qult top and the correct size backing cut 4 inches larger on each side than the quilt measurement.  Do not provide the sandwich already sewn together as all layers attach separately to the longarm machine.
Below is an example:  
1. Multiply the length x width to get the number of square inches.  (For example a lap size quilt 72"x 60" = 4340 square" )
2. You desire Level 1 quilting type (basic stipple)  so multiply x $0.015, basic meander for our example,  to yield the quilting cost (4340x$0.015 = $65.12)
 + thread (by the color change, $8 - $9 per change) 
+ batting (varies) 
+ shipping to arrive at the total. You may bring the quilt top to me in person if you prefer to avoid shipping.

If I need to do other things besides the quilting refer to the chart for additions to the basic fee.

Additional Border
$10 per border
$8 - $9 per change
$0.35 - $0.45 per linear inch

Finishing Servcies

Backing Charge
(cutting and sizing to fit the quilt + 4" each side)


Bias Binding Creation


Machine Sewn, unfinished

$0.20 per linear inch

Binding - Machine Sewn, Hand Finished

$0.35 per linear inch

Hanging sleeve

$0.60 per linear inch

Embroidered Block or Label

Embroideries are based on stitch count.  For simple redwork generally figure $1 per 1000 stitches, then add $15 for labor.  
(10,000 stitches=$10 + $15 labor= $25 total)
If stitching is more complicated there is an additional labor charge based on complexity and time spent.

Minimum charge



Call 979-242-5097 for a consultation or appointment.
If there is no answer, please leave a message. 
If interested in having me quilt for you please fill out the form below.  It will be emailed to me upon completion.  
Thanks!  I would love to have your business and work to help you achieve your masterpiece!

Quilt construction services

All quilts pictured below on this page were quilted on a domestic sewing machine.  For closeups of the embroidered blocks in these quilts, click this quilts link.

My butterfly quilt, #4
My Butterfly Flutterby

Facebook magazine 24 Quilts.com feature of the day. April 8, 2013

Quilt # 5
Glimpses of Autumn Splendor

Block close up
Fall trees

Block close up of one appliqué
My favorite block

Quilt # 6

Quilt # 3
Magical Fairy Garden

Close up

Close up

Quilt # 2
Quest for Adventure

Close up

Close up

Embroidery Library's Stitchers Showcase on May 10, 2013.

Quilt #1, I made this for my daughter's new baby
Noah's Cacophony, my very first quilt.

These quilts show the possibilites when combining machine embroidery and appliqué with quilting.  Each of the blocks are machine embroidered then pieced into the quilt.  These quilts are for display here only, have a home,  and are not for sale. 

Embroidery Library's Stitchers Showcase, May 10, 2013.

Machine embroidery items I have for sale include bathroom towels, kitchen towels, table linens, custom baby items
and other items the imagination will lead to......
Pictures of embroidery items for sale
can be seen when you
click the towel below.

Donrovan cotton kitchen towel - green/white
Musical ornaments
Prices vary by type of item embroidered and the numbers of stitches/colors the item may require.  I always prewash items, unless they are dry clean only, so you will not need to worry if the item is washable or will shrink.