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Everything To Know About Nothing
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Top 10 things to write on your arm.

Do to all of the selfish little brats out there, hope you are happy you just made my life a living hell for not sending anything in to us. Tommarrow your parents will be receiving eviction notices in the mail and you got it, say goodbye to your million dollar house and say hello to Mister Cardboard Box (hope your happy) I'm going to be eatting this huge meal while your stuck with rat crap and grass for the rest of your life. Oh, and another thing when your leaving your home don't forget your computer so you can watch for new and exciting news and so you can read about how funny it is to see you leave your house where you have to do nothing(sitting on the couch doesn't count where you are going to live know) And actually having to do something (wow) So see you on the streets maybe sometime! (Oh, and watch out for the cardboardbox steelers I heard they were really mean)

10. "HARRison" submitted by Jessica

9. "I love my tractor" submitted by a stupid brother.(cries)

8. "Milk is funny" (laughs)

7. "Tapes. Books." submitted by an unnotified Jamie. She needed help remembering to return Kiah's stuff. She is embarresed or something that she borrows my books.

6. "JAMIE READS ANIMORPHS BOOKS!!!" I wrote that on my arm today!

5. "If you are late, buy a clock. If you have a black and white TV, buy some crayons." submitted by Kiah.

4. "Pen15" submitted by Darcy

3. "Don't squat with your spurs on, 'cuz it hurts." submitted by Jessica

TIME TIME TIME TIME TIME TIME etc." submitted by Kiah and Jenna (you gotta write this on your hands, so then you have too much time on them!)

1. "I hate myself, that's why I'm writing on my arm." submitted by Angie.

Got knocked off the top 10 or never made it.

*Carlee puts stars on everyone's hands. (then Savahna yells, "No! It'll never come off!" but it was too late.)

*Jessie submitted something to write on your arm, but I forgot what it was on acount of she didn't email it or write it on my arm or anything. Sorry Jessie.

* <Movies x2>" -Submitted by Jessica

*"Math Quiz Biology" Submitted by Savahna

* "P.J-yammas" submitted by Savahna.