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The Phra Khan and Phra Saeng mines where the finest Namphi steel is found. Steel from these mines are made into swords for monarchs.


2 kilometers from the main road, are the mines where the best Namphi steel can be found. The Phra Khan Mine and Phra Saeng Mine are the two mines that forbids use of this steel by commoners.

A shrine is setup where 3 guardians protect the mines. The three guardians are Phra Khan, Phra Saeng and Nai Suk watching over the priceless treasure in an eery atmosphere. People who dig and steal from these mines are said to be cursed and befell by mishap.

- Not long ago, said one of the locals, a group of monks visited the site in a pickup truck. Greedily they dug and took the ores from the earth near the two mines and stacked the pickup with all the valuable steel. On their way back, an accident occurred leaving the only one survivor to return the stolen treasure.

- Even the locals who have been digging in their own lands have to perform the proper respects to the steel. Those who treated this treasure with disrespect are encountered by strange mishaps and even death. The steel has its one true owner and must be respected with deference.

- In celebration to Her Majesty the Queen, the largest Namphi sword was created measuring 9 meters in length using over 500 kilograms of Namphi steel. It was initially kept in the governor's home as a site for tourists. However after mishaps befell the previous governor, the sword had to be moved to the City Hall where it rests today. There you can also find the monument of the great Phraya Pichai (Daab Hak).

- People often relate the Lek Namphi to the sacred 'Lek Lai' which is more of a myth than reality. The Lek Lai or the Sacred Living Steel in myth has been known to have a life of it's own, to choose it's owner, come and go at it's own will. Revealing itself as any ordinary steel, only the divine or the enlightened can determine whether such ores can be a Lek Lai or not.

Lek Lai at certain times displays characteristics like mercury, so they say. The word 'lai' or 'to flow' gives us the nature of this metal. One such ore is kept in the Department of Mineral Resources, Ministry of Industry, Bangkok, Thailand. The metal they say, protects its owner from all evil and harm and with other numerous superstitious qualities. An amount the size of a small nut of this revered metal will be priceless. Since, according to myth, to recognize such a metal requires the knowledge of Yarna only gained through the process of deep meditation following the Path of Enlightenment, it is impossible for normal people to distinguish this fabulous substance. The Lek Lai is more spiritual and surreal compared to the Lek Namphi, something to be respected and worshipped.