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Beauty & characteristics
The sword
Digging for steel
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Custom made swords
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The sign reads "Lek Nam Phi Mine". This is 24 kilometers from the main road into the village. Another 2 kilometers up hill is required to reach the mines.


The Namphi village is situated in Tong Saeng Khan district. 26 kilometers from the city of Uttaradit, there are only two trips by bus, one going from the city at 9am and the other coming back from the village at around 4pm. There are no hotels or resorts in the village, so the best way might be to have your own car.

You can also hire a taxi from the city as well if you can afford the price. Uttaradit is not only famous for the great Phraya Pichai and the Namphi steel. There are falls, caves, beautiful reservoirs as well as the largest golden teak wood tree in Thailand. Please visit the Tourism Authority of Thailand for more information about the Uttaradit province.