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The sword
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The beautifully inscribed yantra near the sharp end of the sword.

The Namphi sword. A symbol of protection, good fortune, power
and elegance.

The sword

The Namphi sword was formerly the symbol of absolute power. It is treated with deference because the steel is said to be protected by guardians of the Namphi mines and with the fact that these swords were traditionally made for kings and only high ranking Siamese officers.

The steel is said to have the qualities to neutralize spells and curses. In modern Thailand, rituals blessing a person to be able to withstand swords and bullets can usually be found throughout the country. As a final test the blessed would be struck with an ordinary sword for a few times in the back and front. Withstanding such blows that would normally cut through flesh and bone is the ultimate proof.

However, no monk performing this ritual will ever use a Namphi sword for such purposes. It is the neutralizing qualities of the steel is that enables the sword to bypass any charms made, they say.

Like the qualities of the 'Lek Lai' in legend, the Namphi sword is known to absorb evil and harm. Protecting its owner from ill luck and black magic. Swordmakers of today will normally inscribe the ancient Khmer 'Na' and 'Maha Utama' incantations on the blade. At the near tip of the blade a yantra is normally inscribed. Further blessing can then be done by a monk who is willing to perform such charming rituals.

People seeking the Namphi swords are mainly monks, serious collectors and common people who wish to own a protective object. Custom made swords for the family can be ordered bearing the family name and other inscriptions.

The care needed for Namphi swords is at minimum if the sword is sheathed for display or treated will spiritual significance. Normal care using oils for the sword can be done easily. Oiling every two or three months, the sword will last probably forever.

Today it is the symbol of protection, good fortune, power and elegance.