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By birth i am Christian, but for the last few years i have been studying Wicca. It is fasciating, and it contains alt of what i believe as a human being. I have never bought into all of the bible stories, that they told me as a child, and never had any interest in Christianity, i dont believe in it. I am not a Wiccan, but i want to be, but i still have a long way to go. This is some infrmation about Wicca. Dont believe what they tell you, it is not satanism. We do not believe in the Christian Satan

I gained mostly all of my information out of an online book entitled Maiden Moon, by. Simon Craft. It contained alot of the most respectable and accurate information, i could find, in searching for months. Here it the url: Go here to download the book for absolutly free.

For many people, Wicca is a religion, a philosophy and a way of life. As a rerligion it fits our beleifs about spirituality, as a philosphy, it help to direct us to personal and self developement and it reflects into our day to day life. Wicca teahces us to live ina world where nature is sacred and magickal. It gives us oppertunity to discover, develope and use our natural talents. In Wicca, we are accepted for who we are, and not dictated, who to be. We are empowered with freedom and taught how to use freedom respnsibly. Wicca offers many paths leading to the divine, it is up to you to chose which path you take. Relgion should be a chosen embrace of divinity, not as involuntary subservience to a feared God. That is how religion is seen with Wicca. There is not a book or list of laws to abide by, dictating how to live our lives, there is only two dogmas;
->The Wiccan rede: "Do as thee will, and harm thee none."
->The law of the threefold return: "That which one sends into the world, returns to the sender threefold."
The significance o nature in Wicca cannot be overstated. Nature is a plays a major role in Wicca. To a Wiccan, the timeless existance of nature is the ultimate manifestation and presence of divinity on earth.
That's all i will put on for information, and if you do have an interest in Wicca, i encourage you to check out Maiden Moon.

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