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Welcome Modern

Hey!! My name is Natalie, and this is my site!! It's not quite done yet, i still have to add summore pages, but for now, theres sum pages about me, pages on sum of my interests, and a page on my favorite band of all time: BLINK 182!! I'll try to update my site as much as possible, so if u decide to come baq, you wont have to look at the same stuff!! ENJOY!!

*~If you like my site, come baq, im gonna try to updatee it as much as possible!!:)*~

Im gonna try to add waaaay more to my site when i get the time, im not a computer nerd u know!!

Thanks for visiting my site!!

Good charlotte
left/right- Paul, Billy, Joel, Benji

questions or comments? contact me @

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Click here to go to my Blink 182 page!