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Supergirl/Linda Danvers
Occupation: Superheroine/Artist
Status: Single
First appearance: SUPERGIRL #1

Linda is naturally brunette with brown eyes, but after she was merged with Supergirl her eye color changed to blue. Supergirl is still blond and blue-eyed. She is also physically taller and more muscular than Linda. Since Linda has exhibited superstrength, superspeed, and flying it appears she retains her superpowers in both form, the only differences being in appearance and voice. In between superheroics, Linda has turned her love of sculpting into a lucrative career, and recently bought herself a larger apartment which she shares with her best friend Mattie.

Sylvia Danvers
Occupation: Church assitant, studying for the ministry
Status: Married
First appearance: SUPERGIRL #1

Linda Danvers' mother, Sylvia had the most difficult time accepting her daughter's merging and new identity as Supergirl. She has finally come to terms with it, thanks in part to a "divine intervention" by Wally. Despite her husband's initial misgivings, she has decided to pursue studies for the ministry.

Fred Danvers
Occupation: Police Officer
Status: Married
First appearance: SUPERGIRL #1

Recently promoted from sergent to plain clothes detective, Fred Danvers had always been the hardest on Linda, disappointed that she had taken up with a bad crowd, but when he learned that his daughter had become Supergirl he was the first to accept it and is now very proud of her.

Martha & Jonathan Kent
Clark Kent's adopted parents cared for Supergirl when she was injured and brought to Earth by Superman as the protomatter being known as Matrix. They treated her like their own daughter and affectionately refered to her as Mae, until she asked them to call her Linda in her human form. They were the first people Supergirl told of her merging and new identity, and remain two of the people she trusts most.

Mattie Harcourt
Occupation: Medical Resident
Status: Uncertain
First appearance: SUPERGIRL #1

Long time friend of Linda and her family, Mattie still is unware that her best friend is actually Supergirl. Mattie has recently become involved with Cutter Sharp, between trying to avoid the latest supervillain fight.

Cutter Sharp
Occupation Reporter (former), now P.R. for Supergirl
Status: Divorced
First appearance: SUPERGIRL #1 (September/96)

Leesburg's answer to Lois Lane, Cutter is a quirky reporter who quit his job at the Leesburg Tribune and set himself up as Supergirl's agent/publicist. His ex is Andrea Martinez, now known as Andy Jones, who left him before he moved to Leesburg. Since Supergirl's arrival he has become involved with Linda's friend, Mattie Harcourt, and has even proposed to her (but was turned down).

Dick Malverne
Occupation: Appliance Store Owner
Status: Single
First Appearance: SUPERGIRL #5 (January/97)

Linda's current romantic interest, Dick has yet to learn that Linda is also Supergirl. He moved to Leesburg to make his own way in the world as owner of a electronics store, choosing to be independent of his parents' wealth. He was briefly in thrall to the evil Buzz, who turned him into the time-controlling Tempus in exchange for healing his cancer. He has no memory of the event, and calmly accepts the many bizarre occurances to which Leesburg is subjected.

Andy Jones/Comet
Occupation: Stand-up Comedienne/Superhero
Status: Divorced/Unattached
First appearance: SUPERGIRL #10, #14

Formerly Andrea Martinez, Andy Jones became the earth-born angel of love when the mysterious Zed-One (later Comet) sacrificed his life for hers when she was dying on Mt. Everest on a hazardous climbing expedition. She changed her name in honor of her savior, Andrew Jones, and with her new lease on life became a successful stand-up comedienne. When she came to Leesburg she ran into her ex Cutter Sharp, and has become good friends with Linda/Supergirl after revealing that she was also he, the new superhero Comet.

Wally Johnson
Occupation: Self-proclaimed God
Status: Three-in-One
First appearance: SUPERGIRL #4 (introduced in #9)

Wally Johnson is a mysterious young boy who claims to be God, although no one believes him ^_^ He's helped out Supergirl without her knowledge a number of times, and has talked to her at length about her earth-born angel status. Despite giving Supergirl a number of "demonstrations" of his powers, she has trouble believing his story. He appears sporadically, to intervene in a crisis or dispense a bit of omniscient insight.

See Supergirl's Wally: Fact or Fiction? for more information.


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