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Community Services

Police Dept.

This local precinct is located in lower Linda Vista, at Friars Road, with a new satellite office located at Daniel Court, near Genesee Avenue and Linda Vista Road.

Fire Dept.

This local divison is located next door to the post office on Comstock Street.

Schools in Linda Vista


Linda Vista Community Park
This unique park area consists of:
It is located on Levant Street, just west of Linda Vista Road, off Fulton Street; an alternate access is from Osler Street, just west of Genesee Avenue.

Mission Heights Park
This park contains a baseball field and a children sandbox-playground. It is located in the south-eastern end of Linda Vista, in a region called Mission Heights.

Kelly Street Park
This park is located where the end of Kelly Street meets Tecolote Canyon. It contains a small children's sandbox-playground.

Tecolote Community Park
In conjunction with Tecolote Canyon Open Space Park, this park area has many ballfields, picnic grounds, a basketball court, and is the entrance to lower Tecolote Canyon.

Other Parks
Various other parks are located within school grounds.

Transit Lines

Linda Vista is lucky enough to be serviced by three (3) bus routes and the new "Mission Valley Extension" of the San Diego Trolley "Blue Line" (and possibly the first stop of the Coastal Trolley Extension, due to begin construction by 1999). Look here for maps, fares, schedules, etc. of the ...bus lines and trolley lines...

  • Bus route 25 traverses from downtown San Diego, through Fashion Valley, up Ulric Street, along Comstock Street, around Osler Street, back along Genesee Avenue, then on to Sharp Hospital before heading to the business district of Kearny Mesa on to Complex Drive and Clairemont Square.

  • Bus route 44 (formerly the northern route 4 extension) now starts from the Old Town Trolley Station, heads straight up Linda Vista Road (past the new Morena/Linda Vista trolley station, past the University of San Diego, and through the Linda Vista mid-town shopping area) to Mesa College Drive, then winds its way up through the communities of Kearny Mesa and Clairemont to Clairemont Square.

  • Bus route 41 starts at Fashion Valley, heads straight up along Genesee Avenue where it intersects the Rte 25 and 44 buses at Linda Vista Road, then continues through through Clairemont to the University Towne Centre Mall; next it heads straight to the University of California at San Diego (UCSD).

The Coaster commuter train also runs through our community, at the western border, but the closest station is just across I-8 in the Old Town transit station.


Other Community Services

  • The ITV Public Broadcast Station

    Located at the San Diego County Office of Education along Linda Vista Road at via las Cumbres Road, this public television station broadcasts a variety of interesting public shows found on local channel 17 on Southwestern Cable TV.

  • Linda Vista Library

    This library, located at the corner of Comstock and Ulric Streets (one block southeast of Linda Vista Road), boasts a diverse set of offerings, including English, Spanish and Vietnamese books, magazines, newspapers, and video tapes, and (of course) two Internet-ready computers (available for free access upon singing up at the desk).

  • Linda Vista Post Office

    This large branch is located across the street from the library.

  • YMCA

    Although technically not in Linda Vista, it's as good as, since there are really no other near-by communities. It is located on the south side of Friars Road, about two miles west of Fashion Valley. It will be located almost directly adjacent to the soon-to-be-completed trolley station (the one just after the Old Town Station).

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