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Government Links: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------                  


The Planetary Society -  Includes information and pictures of planets and their moons. You can also download SETI@home at this site. (Currently there are over 3 billion computers donating their idle time to search for E.T.)

Serendip - Explanation of SETI@home's project for searching for E.T. using your computer's idle time. If you are interested in participating in this project, you can learn more about it here.

U.S. Navy Observatory

National Air And Space Museum

National Security Agency (NSA) UFO Document Index

Mars Exploration Home Page - NASA

Congress Holds Meetings On E.T.

Extra-terrestrial Exposure Law Explanation of the law passed by Congress on Cot. 5, 1982.

Quotes From Prominent World Gov. and Military Officials

FBI - Unusual Phenomena Listings

UFO Quotes By Astronauts

UFO, Alien, And Conspiracies, Etc: ---------------------------------------------------------

ADMIRAL LORD HILL NORTON, a five star Admiral and former head of the British Ministry of Defense in July 2000, stated, "What I'd like to say is that there is a serious possibility we are being visited - and - and have been visited for many years - by people from outer space, from other civilizations; that it behooves us to find out who they are, where they come from, and what they want.  This should be the subject of rigorous scientific investigation, and not the subject of rubbishing by tabloid newspapers." (The book "Disclosure" by Steven M. Greer M.D.)

PETITION: Truth, amnesty, and reconciliation for sustainability by Lara Johnstone

The Disclosure Project Visit this site to see dozens of military witness testimony regarding UFOs and the ongoing UFO cover-ups. This group is petitioning Congress to stop the secrecy for our world's enviromental safety. Here you can download a sample letter to write your representatives in your state - in order to help The Dsiclosure Project!                    

CSETI Position Papers This web site is in relation to the above web site.

CSETI Home Page This is the homepage to the above (CSETI) web site.

Lara Johnstone This woman is on a hunger strike "To death if need be" until the government acknowledges the existance of UFOs in and around Earth. She is a supporter of The Disclosure Project (found at link above). ** Hungerstrike is over due to the fact that it was hampering the efforts and drawing attention to the cause for the wrong reasons**

Take A Stand Against UFO Secrecy Sign A Petition here.

Project Blue Book There are 701 Unsolved UFO cases according to the US Air Force. Visit this site to see which cases they never solved when they were involved in "Project Blue Book"

Government UFO Documents

UFO Hard Evidence

Above Top Secret

Art Bell's Official Web Site Art Bell's Radio Program on the subject of the unexplained. News, opinions, pictures of UFOs, crop circle information, space images, etc.

Filer's Research Institute (Filer Files)

All About Mars Pictures, stats, facts, etc. all about Mars.

Nebula: Roswell & Area 51 Letters, videos, and more on UFO activity.

UFO Mysteries, comments, cigar shaped UFO, saucer shaped UFO, famous sightings, missing time, etc.

The Unexplained

The Bermuda Triangle The mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle.

Life on Mars & Jupitor's Europa?

The Berwyn Mountains UFO Crash

The Museum of Unnatural Mystery

Alien & Space Mysteries

The Enterprise Mission Richard C. Hoagland's official site.

The Voyager Mission

Ancient Artifacts On The Moon


The Ultimate Ufologist WWW Page

UFO Paranormal

The W-Files An Archive of the paranormal in Wisconsin.

UFO Video Clips Videos of UFOs taken by people world wide.

*U* UFO Database

Aliens & UFOs Among Us

Conspiracies/Mysteries Area 51 pictures, majestic 12, Men In Black, Secret Societies, Roswell, Underground Facilities, bases, tunnels, and much more!

Extraterrestrials & UFOs Abductions, History, Metaphisics, E.T., Research, UFOs

Art work on UFOs/Aliens Really great art! (Especially the one on evolution!)

UFOs In Australia

Biology & Metaphysics - Human/E.T. related

Channeling E.T.

Unsolved Mysteries (No relation to the t.v. show) Everything from religion, ghosts, NDE (Near Death Experiences), Predictions, UFOs.

Dream Scape The Extra-terrestrial Sciences

Area 51Update Story

UFO Construtcion

Project Rainbow  A ship disappears in an experiment.

Strange Skull Found Pictures of the skull, DNA and carbon dated tests, and more.

Unusualness UFO, Bob Lazar, Area 51, Life on Mars, and more.

Man Made UFOs

70 Civilizations From Other Planets

ZDK.F Popular Portal

12th Planet Cafe Review of Sumer, UFOs, discussion board, and book reviews.

 Cyber Space Orbit Patrons

News & Related Articles

UFO & Alien Text Files

Searching For The Mars-Earth Connection

Surfing The Apocalypse

Zeta Talk

Brown Mountain Lights

Alien World Lots of info. on several related topics.

Twilight Worlds

The Return Of Planet X


Rh Negative Blood & Aliens

UFOs - The Beginning Of A New World

Alien Astronomer

Planetary Mysteries

UFO Info. Int'l Alien implants, alien types, area 51, crop circles, and more.

Dark Side Of The Moon Area 51, Roswell, Area S-4, UFOs, Crop Circles, Majestic 12, and more.

New World Order Conspiracy and UFO/Alien Deception

Alien Link Alien Abduction, UFO Sightings, Books, And More.

Understanding UFO Secrecy

UFOs Over America

UFO Craze

UFOs And Extraterrestrials

UFO Info Page A brief history of the planets, UFO stories, Roswell, alien info., and more.

The Alien Jigsaw Personal contact, researcher comments, star maps, etc.

NOVA/PBS Online/Kidnapped By UFOS? PBS Television: Alien abduction, Believers, Skeptics, Cases, and a tearcher's guide.

S.E.T.L.A.B.- Alien Encyclopedia Sightings, photo gallery, types of aliens, etc.

Alien Intelligence - Professor Marvin Minsky, MIT

Alien Symbols

Budd Hopkins's Intruders Foundation On Alien Abduction

Ancient Astronauts: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ancient Astronauts Revisited

Ancient Astronautics

Ancient Astronauts  An explanation of Ancient Astronauts.

*See "The Book of Enoch" in "UFOs In Religion"*

Pyramids And E.T.: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Chinese Pyramids Ancient Chinese Legent Says Pyramids from E.T.

Egypt Sphinx Pyramids Who Built the Sphinxy Pyramids?

Astounding Ancients Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Vikings, India, Persia, Mexico, Peru, Ireland, USA, Gobi, Artifacts, Museum, Monuments, Temples, Mounds.

Public Awareness Think Tank Pyraminds on Mars? See here and decide for Yourself.

Satan's Hidden History Monuments on Mars, crop circles, and more.

Underwater Pyramids

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