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Wolfgang Schrödl
The man with the everlasting sweater. A musician (plays the keyboard, the guitar, and a talanted singer), an acotr (played the main role in plays such as in Gryphiusí "Horribillikribrifax" and Brechtís "Dreigroschen Oper"), song writer, good looker... What a catch!!! ;)

Stefan Schulte-Holthaus
The band's basist. besides Liquido Stefan is the drummer of a band named Tristessem, which Tim is in too.

Tim Eiermann
The lead singer of the band, and the lead guitarist. The bald head and the story.. Apart from Liquido he also is a member of the bands Pyogenesis and Tristesse.

Wolle Maier
A brilliant drummer, with his tough Pearl Jam fanís drum sound is giving for the band a varied beat.

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