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About Us
Our puppies Are Loved from Day one!                                                                                       Hi, my name is Rhonda.  I guess dogs have always been my favorite thing, since I was old enough to remember.  I grew up with a Rat Terrier named Penny, she was a dear friend to me, when I lost her at the age of 13, I experienced what love and loss was all about. Just a few years ago I also lost my best friend Hamilton and i would like to dedicate this web site to him.  My dogs are very dear to me and are part of our family.  My dogs are treated as family members.  Little Paws Kennel  is located in Rayville Louisiana, I do not sell to brokers or Pet stores,  loving homes only, please!  My puppies come with life long support, if you can't care for your puppy due to illness, job transfers, deaths, et......... and you can't find a home for your puppy,  I will help you place your puppy in a loving home or if not, I will take care of it. All puppies are vet Guaranteed .  This is a picture of the puppies house at Little Paws.  We have cypress trees and a corn field for scenery.  I strive to raise happy healthy puppies.  My goal is to better the quality of the breed that I raise, including size, temperament, hair coat, bite, and health.  My breeding stock has been carefully picked from New York State, Louisiana,  and Pennsylvania and were all home raised from puppies.  My Kennel is family operated by me,   my  three children and two very dear employee's, Lisa Hurt and Amanda Johnson.  Between all of us the dogs are well taken care of and get the love and attention they need.   My profits off of my kennel are  invested back into my kennel to assure that all of my dogs are happy, healthy, and comfortable.  This is my past time, passion and hobbie, when not keeping house and raising my family.  My puppies are sent home with great pride and to loving homes only.  Hope we have that special family member you are looking for!  Hope to here from you soon!

All of us pups at Little Paws, live in nice 5ft wide 10 ft long  concret Runs, with insulated dogs houses.  We have Toys and get lots of Love from Mom , Miss Ann and Mr Jim. On special occasions Grandma June comes to visit and brings us a suprise. We are kept cool in the summer months with a nice cool water/fan mister system.  In the winter Mom closes the side walls of the Kennel and rolls down the front door to keep us warm.
Our Nursery and Whelping Rooms Are Heated and Cooled for Mothers and Babies comfort and health, with fenced in play yard with coverd roof for those rainy days.
              We Miss you Ham!
  You will always be here in our Hearts!
           Hamilton Pentzien