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Updated 4-5-02

Welcome to the newest site on the net for the little ones.
This site was built so you can show your friends, family and the world your photos.
We don't have anything to do with the modeling world,
but we have received some E-Mail from those in the business.
Some of those letters are posted below.

Anyone can post pictures here.
Those who would like to use these photos, should contact us by   E-MAIL,
And we will obtain more info and recent pictures from the parents.

Due to the amount of time and expense it takes to maintain this site,
we now have to charge $ 25 to put your photo's up.

We can accept a money order or can accept credit cards through PayPal.
When using PayPal all you need is our email address

I accept's PayPal. I'm VERIFIED! Buyer Protection is guaranteed. CLICK TO VERIFY

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Grant Thompson
1999 BABY BOY pictures

  • Jacob Cole Benedict
  • John Franklin Brown
  • Gabriel Bruno
  • James Dwight Bryant
  • Noah Dancy
  • Zachary Duke
  • Tyler Mark Freeman
  • Jaden James Gwaltney
  • Eric Keilty
  • Sulthan Muhammad Raihan
  • Samuel
  • Franklin Smart
  • Jonathan Taylor
  • Arlington Trenck
  • Rylan Tieken
  • Grant Thompson
1999 BABY GIRL pictures

  • Bridget Adewuni
  • Alexandra Ann
  • Kansas Brooks
  • Kaitlyn Daniel
  • Heaven Leigh Griffin
  • Michelle Renee McDonald
  • Anjali Patel
  • Tori Schultz
  • Aylin Valdes
  • Jenny Rose Wallace
1998 BABY BOY pictures

  • Trevor Lawrence Brannigan
  • Caleb Bruno
  • Michael Carvalho
  • Brian Coposky
  • Sloane Andrew Ferguson
  • Marquel Green
  • Richard Lewis III
  • Joseph Martin
  • Morrison
  • Blake Parker
  • Christopher Stebbins
  • Trevor Stone
  • Victor Strong
  • Ethan Snyder
  • Jordan Matthew Thompson
  • Anthony Raymond Weeks
  • Patrick John Wofford Jr
1998 BABY GIRL pictures

  • Alexis Janelle Beltran
  • Cassidy Berger
  • MiKayla Imani Blunt
  • Caitlyn Ainsley Corbin
  • Gia Duro
  • Tatiana Maikal Ford
  • Maiah Lucille Giordano
  • Erin Darlene Grucelski
  • Alyssa Michelle Jimenez
  • Ashley Renee Johnston
  • Jasmine Kousar
  • Aubrey Rene
  • Megan Marie Saunders
  • Samantha Kristine Smith
  • Autrey Twins
  • Rachael Wevang
Dallas Hokanson

  • Chasteen
  • Jasmine Lee Hart
  • Dallas Jordan Hokanson
  • Azaria Jaeden Jakle
  • Chandra Jelaine Jakle
  • Brandon Tyrel Myers
  • Shelby Plummer

  • Jocelyn Brannigan
  • Sasha
  • Cody Saunders

  • Kyria Knight
  • Noah Toro
  • Mia Townsend

  • Samantha Rae Deane
  • Sierra Maylea Jakle
  • Ashley Ann Smith

  • Alexander Paul Jimenez
  • Kayla
  • Zachary R Zimmerman

  • Alexandra Danielle Toro

  • Marshall Walker

  • Bryndon Daniel Jimenez


  • Amanda Sims

We have received   E-MAIL FROM BABY GAP


Send your pictures by E-MAIL   or send them by regular mail ...

PO Box 279
Sparta, NC 28675

We cannot return photos.
We will not give out your mailing or E-Mail address.

Please include the following info...
Childs name.
Date of Birth.
Age when photo was taken.
State where you live.

Please send photos in JPEG format if you send them by E-Mail.

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