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Sk8ter Fooyie News and Updates
New Page Layout.
Like our new page layout. Yes, it did take as long as you think it did. We had to delete everything, upload everything and re-edit everything. But all worth a good cause
Shop Opened!!!
We just luanched our online store, try it out here.
Browser Note
People are e-mailing, telling me that things on this site are cut in half, twisted and defected. This only happens when you are viewing this page with netscape. PLEASE DO NOT VIEW WITH NETSCAPE!
Video Page Notice
 Well, the people voting at our polls are reccomending we put our sk8er video page back on. I myself do not like the video page. The videos take way too long to make, edit and upload. And they also take up an incredible amount of space. I will decide what to do with this. If I get more e-mails or votes going toward this, I will take action and suggest putting them back on.
Writers on the run!
 The writers, writing the reviews in our equipment guide are all over the place. We need help here at Sk8ter Fooyie. Again we need to have more people e-mail stuff to us. The lack of people doing so have caused really slow progress in our site. Please e-mail me for anything. Suggestions, pictures, tips for tricks etc.
The non-expensive really cheap Magazine fever
 Magazines, magazines. It seems to me that people are more interested in this then Sk8ter Fooyie. Oh well, Click to save on Skateboard Magazines!
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Well we got a whole new photo section which will be updated really soon.
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