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The neutral good myrikhan, whose name in the original Creation Argots
means "godservant," is primarily a field agent of a good church, the one
on whom quests fall. Myrikhans usually (95%) travel alone, although they
sometimes accompany others with a similar goal. They are rarely seen in
the company of other myrikhans, and in a group are almost certainly
abiding at the church until their next mission. Myrikhans live for good
deeds. Should a myrikhan ever commit an evil deed, his church will
excommunicate him and he will become forevermore a normal fighter.

Myrikhans favor leather armor and chain vests, sometimes augmenting this
protection with great helms or shields. They spend much time outdoors and
usually wear furs to protect themselves from cold. Utility is the heart
of their wardrobe, a combination of efficiency and minimal encumbrance.
Their most common mount is a pony or light warhorse. Their few weapons
are usually a favorite and only one or two others.

Wisdom and intelligence are the prime requisites of the myrikhan. A score
of 16 or greater in one of these abilities adds 10% to earned experience,
and scores of 16 or greater in both abilities add 15%. Myrikhans receive
spell bonuses and chances of spell failure according o their wisdom
scores as clerics do (see the Players Handbook, p. 11, Wisdom Table II:
Adjustments for Clerics).

Myrikhans use any magic items usable by fighter or clerics. At 9th level
and above, a myrikhan with sufficient funds can build a fortress or
church stronghold, thus attracting followers. Because myrikhans are
agents of a church, any established base will be an extension of that
church -- a myrikhan always serves under a high priest. Myrikhan Table
III shows the type of followers attracted by the myrikhan.

The special abilities of a myrikhan are:
l.  Detection of evil within a 100' radius, revealing only the general
direction and requiring unbroken concentration.
2.  Saving throw bonuses against evil magic at +1 for each three levels
the myrikhan has (+1 at 1st through 3rd level, +2 at 4th through 6th
level, etc.). Evil magic includes any spells cast by evil NPCs or
monsters, and any effects of magic items that are intrinsically evil or
that are used by evil beings.
3.  Turning of undead as a cleric of equal level, including creatures of
the lower (evil) planes.
4.  Spell use at 6th level and above. Myrikhan Table II shows the number
and level of such spells.
5.  Hit and damage bonuses of +1 per level when fighting
larger-than-man-sized giants and humanoids, similar to a ranger's
anti-humanoid combat ability.
6.  At 4th level, a symbol of power received from the church. A suede
collar that ties at the rear and is removed only in emergencies carries
the precious metal symbol, unique to the character, that gives the
myrikhan protection from evil as long as he wears it. The collor and
symbol are worth 50-500 gp.
7.  A 10% chance per level to identify plants and animals, automatic at
10th level and above.
8.  Hit and damage bonuses of +1 for each three levels ( +1 at 1st
through 3rd level, +2 at 4th through 6th, etc.) with a favorite weapon.
At 1st level, the myrikhan designates a certain type of weapon (bastard
sword, quarterstaff, morning star, etc.) as a favorite weapon and
receives the bonuses for any weapon of that type.

The strictures of a myrikhan are:
l.  Forbidden retention of wealth. The church pays personal expenses from
a limited fund for each myrikhan. Treasure goes immediately to the
church. The myrikhan keeps single items (one sword, one ring, one staff,
etc.) and no more.
2.  Speaking his deity's name only on consecrated ground, prayers and
godcalls notwithstanding. Deviations incur serious punishment and require
atonement and meditation.

Myrikhan Table I

Experience		Experience	Hit		Level
points			level		Points		Title
0--2,500		1		d6 + 3		Godseye
2,501--5,500		2		2d6 + 6		Godsarm
5,501--12,000		3		3d6 + 9		Godsheart
12,001--25,000		4		4d6 + 12	Myrikhan
25,001--60,000		5		5d6 + 15	Myrikhan
60,001--130,000		6 		6d6 + 18	Myrikhan
130,001--230,000	7		7d6 + 21	Myrikhan
230,001--350,000	8		8d6 + 24	Myrikhan
350,001--700,000	9		9d6 + 27	Myrikhan
700,001--1,050,000	10		9d6 + 30	Myrikhan
1,050,001--1,400,000	11		9d6 + 33	Myrikhan
Myrikhans gain one level per 350,000 experience points above 8th level.
Myrikhans gain 3 hit points per level above 9th level.

Myrikhan Table II:  Spells usable by experience level

Myrikhan	Cleric spell level		Druid spell level
level		1	2	3	4	1	2	3
6		1	--	--	--	--	--	--
7		2	--	--	--	--	--	--
8		2	1	--	--	--	--	--
9		2	2	--	--	--	--	--
10		2	2	1	--	--	--	--
11		3	2	1	--	--	--	--
12		3	3	1	--	1	--	--
13		4	3	2	--	2	--	--
14		4	3	2	1	2	1	--
15		5	3	2	1	2	1	--
16		5	4	3	2	3	2	1
17		5	5	3	3	3	2	1
18		5	5	4	4	3	3	2
19*		5	5	5	5	3	3	3
* -- Maximum spell-casting ability.

Myrikhans acquire and cast cleric spells and druid spells in the same way
that clerics and druids do, by meditation and prayer. Myrikhans can cast
all cleric spells but only certain druid spells. The myrikhan druid spell
list shows the limited druid spells available to myrikhans. The spells
are numbered from 1 to 8, to allow for random die rolls in determining
what spells an NPC might possess.

Myrikhan druid spell list

Number	1st level		2nd level		3rd level
1	Detect snares & pits	Barkskin		Call lightning
2	Entangle		Charm person or mammal	Cure disease
3	Faerie fire		Create water		Fire purge*
4	Invisibility to animals	Fire trap		Neutralize poison
5	Locate animals		Heat metal		Protection from fire
6	Pass without trace	Locate plants		Pyrotechnics
7	Predict weather		Obscurement		Summon insects
8	Purify water		Produce flame		Water breathing

Unless otherwise indicated, all spells in the myrikhan druid spell list
correspond to the druid spell of the same name and level. The spell
marked with an asterisk is a special spell available only to the myrikhan
class, described below:

Fire Purge (Evocation)
Level:  3
Range:  0
Duration:  1 hour per level of caster above 15th
Area of effect:  Radius of 600' per level of caster above 15th
Components:  V, S, M
Casting Time:  5 rounds
Saving Throw:  None

Explanation/Description:  Fire purge opens a temporary portal to the
magical fire in the heart of the caster's god. A purging flame seeps from
the caster at a rate of 10' per round, subjecting items and creatures to
intense holy fire. All items in the spell's area of effect must make
saving thorws vs. magical fire or be destroyed. All creatures in the area
of effect must make a saving throw vs. spell or suffer 1-4 points of fire
damage per round, until they leave the area of effect or extinguish the
fire. Anything hostile to the god makes the saving throw at -3 and
suffers double damage from the fire. Protection from fire adds +1 to the
saving throw.

The body of the caster becomes immobile and intangible for the duration
of the spell, a necessary self-defense against the fire. During this
period of intangibility, the caster loses awareness of his surroundings
and has a 1% chance per level of having a holy vision (a side effect of
exposure to the deepest powers of his god). After the spell ceases to
function, everything in the area of effect except the items that made
their saving throws will be smoldering ashes. The spell is often used to
consecrate church ground or exorcise demons from possessed areas. Dispel
magic eliminates the fire and cancels the spell. Extention and permanency
have no effect.

Myrikhan Table III:  Followers

Dice roll	Type of follower
01-03		1-4 clerics of 5th-8th level
04-07		2-8 clerics of 3rd-6th level
08-12		2-16 clerics of 2nd-5th level
13-18		2-20 clerics of 1st-3rd level
19-21		1-4 cloistered clerics* of 1st-4th level
22-24		1-4 fighters of 5th-8th level
25-28		2-8 fighters of 3rd-6th level
29-33		2-16 fighters of 2nd-5th level
34-38		2-20 fighters of 2nd-5th level
39-41		1 ranger of 1st-4th level
42-45		1 myrikhan of 1st-4th level
46-52		1-40 men-at-arms, 1-6 hp each
53		11-30 aarakocra (one tribe)
54		1-2 magic-users of 5th-8th level
55		2-5 magic-users of 3rd-6th level
56		3-6 magic-users of 2nd-5th level
57		2-8 magic-users of 1st-3rd level
58		1-4 illusionsts of 1st-4th level
59-66		1-10 unskilled persons, 1-6 hp each
67		1 healer of 1st-4th level
68-69		1-3 experienced cooks, 1-4 hp each
70-71		1 smith** of 1st-6th level
72-73		1-4 carpenters of 1-6 hp each
74-76		1-4 farmers of 1-4 hp each, plus their families (one mate
		and 1-4 children of 1-3 hp each per farmer)
77-78		1 tailor of 1-4 hp
79-80		1-3 miners of 2-5 hp each
81-82		1-3 scribes*** of 1st-4th level
83-85		1-3 stablemen of 1-4 hp each
86-88		1-4 chambermaids of 1-2 hp each
89-91		1 maid/manservant of 1-4 hp
92		1 baku
93		1 dragon horse (mount)
94		1-4 firbolg giants
95		1 itinerant grim
96		1 moon dog
97		5-20 pech plus females and young
98		1 pseudodragon
99		1-4 NPCs of any neutral good class or subclass
00		DM's choice
* -- Cloistered clerics are described in Best of DRAGON Magazine, Volume
4, p. 7.
** -- Smiths are described in Best of DRAGON Magazine, Volume 4, p. 26.
*** -- Scribes are described in Best of DRAGON Magazine, Volume 4, p. 23.
Note:  Followers are nearly always (90%) human, but may be of other races
if the campaign allows.

Race of follower (if needed)
Roll d20:  1-3 = elf; 4-5 = half-elf; 6-8 = gnome; 9-11 = human; 12-18 =
same race as the myrikhan; 19-20 = halfling.

When a base has been established, the DM rolls to determine the type of
followers attracted and, if necessary, the race of the followers. Each
time the myrikhan gains a level (or accumulates enough experience points
to gain a level after reaching his level limit), roll again. All
followers of a myrikhan are neutral good.

For example, an 11th-level myrikhan builds a church fortress and attracts
followers. The DM determines that 2-16 clerics of 2nd-5th level are
attracted. Additional rolls define them as a 4th- level half-elven
cleric, two gnomish clerics of 4th and 3rd level, and two 2nd-level elven
clerics. When the myrikhan reaches 12th level, the DM will roll again to
determine additional followers -- perhaps a pair of elven chambermaids or
a dragon horse.

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