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   The neutral evil Arrikhan, whose name in the Creation Argots means 
"beastservant," acts as an opposite to the Myrikhan. The Arrikhan serves his 
god in the field, carrying out the orders of the high priests of the church. 
Like a Myrikhan, an Arrikhan almost always travels alone. An Arrikhan
lives to promote the evil ways of his god. Should he ever commit a good
deed, he will find himself unquestioningly excommunicated. If the church
allows him to live (which is not likely), he becomes forevermore a normal
   Arrikhans favor light armor because of its low encumbrance, often
using exotic hides or breastplated furs for their protection. Their
weapons tend to do the maximum amount of physical destruction (morning
stars predominate).  These preferences are in no way restrictions to the
weapons and armor useable by the Arrikhan.
   Wisdom is the prime requisite of an Arrikhan. A score of 16 adds 10%.
Arrikhans receive spell bonuses and chances of spell failure according 
to their wisdom scores as clerics do.  Their ability scores are as

Str: 14
Con: 9
Wis: 13
Cha: 15

   Arrikhans can use any magic items except those usable only by
magic-users. An Arrikhan with sufficient funds can build a stronghold 
at any time. Thereafter, he has a cumulative 5% chance per month 
beginning with the completion of the stronghold of attracting 
followers. Arrikhan Table III shows the type of followers attracted.

   The special abilities of an Arrikhan are:
   1.  Saving throws against good magic and all venoms, toxins, and 
poisons at +1 for each two levels (+1 at 1st and 2nd level, +2 at 
3rd and 4th level, etc.) to a maximum of +5. Good magic includes 
any spells cast by good NPCs or monsters and any effects of magic 
items that are intrinsically good or that are used by good beings.  If
a successful save versus any venom, toxin, or poison results in the
Arrikhan still taking damage, the damage is negated.  This only
effects damage, but has no effect on other side effects of a
successful save.
   2.  At 3rd level and above, affecting undead as a cleric of two levels
below the level of the Arrikhan (1st-level ability at 3rd level,
2nd-level ability at 4th level, etc.). The Arrikhan can turn the undead
or ally them with himself as desired. The ability has no effect on
devils, demons, or other extraplanar creatures -- it only affects undead.
   3.  Hit and damage bonuses of +1 per 2 levels when fighting against 
good opponents, to maximum of +4. The arrikhan must be aware of the 
good alignment for these bonuses to apply.  Bonuses received in this
manner are NOT cumulative with any speciazation bonus, nor with
multiple attacks gained through specialization.  The reasoning behind
the to hit and damage bonuses are through a near frenzy the Arrikhan
puts himself in when attacking good-aligned beings.  Taking the time
to evaluate your attacks to gain both multiple attacks and attack
bonuses would not allow for the frenzy.
   4.  A 10% chance per level to identify plants and animals, to a
maximum of 90%.
   5.  At 5th level and above, the ability to call for a warhorse that
magically appears near the Arrikhan. The mount has a 5% chance per level
of the Arrikhan above 5th of being a nightmare of maximum hit points; 
otherwise, it is a normal heavy warhorse, AC 5, HD 5 + 5, NE. The 
mount will serve faithfully unto death, but only two such horses can 
be called in the Arrikhan's lifetime.  This mount functions exactly 
like a paladin's bonded mount.
   6.  The ability to torture helpless victims. This torture requires
special instruments (restraints, hot irons, salt and other caustic
chemicals and irritants, etc.). The creature being tortured must make a
saving throw against its constitution score (rolling its constitution or
less on a 3d6 roll) during each turn of torture; otherwise, it will
reveal any information that the arrikhan wishes to know. Torture damage
accrues at 1-4 points per round. Player characters cannot be tortured for
information in this manner, but may be harmed.
   7.  Spell use at 7th level and above. Arrikhan Table II shows the
number and level of such spells. Halflings of the arrikhand class, unable
to learn cleric spells, cannot advance past 6th level; dwarves of the
arrikhan class, unable to learn druid spells, cannot advance past 10th level.
   8.  Detection of good in a radius of 50' + 5' per level, revealing
only the general direction of the good source and requiring unbroken
   9.  A 5% chance per level to identify pure water or nonpoisonous
wild foods, to a maximum of 95%.
   10.  The ability to concoct ingestive poisons and their antidotes from
natural herbs and roots. Arrikhan Table IV shows the possible poisons and
antidotes and their concoction times. This ability assumes the
availability of proper herbs and roots.
   The strictures of an arrikhan are:
   1.  Referring to his god only by his titles or as "arriman"
(beastlord), except when the god's name must be used (rituals,
ceremonies, proselytization, etc.). 
   2.  Forbidden accumulation of wealth or treasure. All plunder must go
to the church, which might or might not award part of that plunder to the
arrikhan as a reward for his deeds.

Arrikhan Table 1

Experience			Hit	Level		Hit&Dam/
points			Level	points	title		Save
0--2,500		1	d8 +1	Beasteye	+1/+1
2,501--5,500		2	2d8 +2	Beastarm	+1/+1
5,501--11,500		3	3d8 +3	Beastheart	+2/+2
11,501--24,000		4	4d8 +4	Arrikhan	+2/+2
24,001--58,000		5	5d8 +5	Arrikhan	+3/+3
58,001--125,000		6	6d8 +6	Arrikhan	+3/+3
125,001--215,000	7	7d8 +7	Arrikhan	+4*/+4
215,001--325,000	8	8d8 +8	Arrikhan	+4/+4
325,001--650,000	9	9d8 +9	Arrikhan	+4/+5*
650,001--975,000	10	9d8 +12	Arrikhan	+4/+5
975,001--1,300,000	11	9d8 +15	Arrikhan    	+4/+5
*--Maximum for indicated values.
Arrikhans gain one level per 325,000 experience points above 8th level.
Arrikhans gain 3 hit points per level above 9th level.
Hit&Dam/Save table has hit and damage bonus before the slash and save
bonuses after the slash.

Arrikhan Table II:  Spells usable by experience level

Arrikhan	Cleric spell level	Selected spell level
level		1	2	3	1	2	3
7		1	--	--	--	--	--
8		2	--	--	--	--	--
9		2	1	--	--	--	--
10		2	2	--	--	--	--
11		2	2	1	1	--	--
12		3	2	2	2	--	--
13		3	3	2	2	1	--
14		3	3	3	2	2	--
15		4	3	3	2	2	1
16		4	4	3	3	2	2
17		4	4	4	3	3	2
18		5	4	4	3	3	3
19		5	5	4	4	3	3
20		5	5	5	4	4	3
21*		6	5	5	4	4	4
   * -- Maximum spell-casting ability.

Arrikhans acquire and cast clerical spells in the same manner that
clerics do.  Their selected spell list is below.  They have access to
the following spheres for their clerical spells: All, Animal, Combat,
Healing, Plant, Protection.

Arrikhan Selected Spell List:

Number	1st level		2nd level		3rd level
1	Detect magic		Barkskin		Call lightning
2	Detect snares & pits	Charm person or mammal	Cure disease
3	Entangle		Create water		Neutralize poison
4	Faerie Fire		Fire trap		Protection: fire
5	Invisibility to animals	Heat metal		Pyrotechnics
6	Locate animals/plants	Obscurement		Speak with animals
7	Pass without trace	Produce flame		Summon insects
8	Purify food/drink	Warp wood		Water breathing

Unless otherwise indicated, all spells in the myrikhan selected spell list
correspond to the clerical spell of the same name and level.

Arrikhan Table III:  Followers
Die Roll	Type of follower
01-08		1-8 thieves of 1st level
09-15		1-6 thieves of 1st-2nd level
16-21		1-4 thieves of 1st-4th level
22-26		1-3 thieves of 2nd-5th level
27-30		1-2 thieves of 3rd-6th level
31-33		1 thief of 4th-7th level
34-39		1-4 clerics of 1st level
40-44		1-2 clerics of 1-4th level
45-46		1-2 magic-users of 1st level
47-48		1 magic-user of 2nd-4th level
49-56		2-20 0-level men-at-arms of 1-6 hp each
57-63		1-8 fighters of 1st level
64-69		1-6 fighters of 1st-4th level
70-74		1-4 fighters of 2nd-5th level
75-78		1-2 fighters of 3rd-6th level
79-81		1 fighter of 4th-7th level
82-83		1 night hag
84-85		1-6 wyverns
86-90		1-4 NPCs of any neutral evil-aligned class or subclass
91-99		spiders (see subtable below)
00		DM's choice

Spider subtable
Die Roll	Type of Spider
01-18		10-40 tarantulas
19-36		2-40 trap-door spiders
37-54		2-8 wolf spiders
55-72		2-12 lynx spiders
73-90		1-6 black widow spiders
91-93		1-8 giant spiders
94-96		1-12 huge spiders
97-98		2-20 large spiders
99		1-4 phase spiders*
00		Reroll Twice (ignore 00 if rerolled)
*-- if these are rolled multiple times, reroll number.

Beginning with the completion of a stronghold, an arrikhan has a
cumulative 5% chance per month of attracting followers. When a follower
is indicated, the DM rolls to determine the type of follower and, if
necessary, the race of the follower.

Followers can never have levels or hit dice greater than the level of the
arrikhan. If such followers are rolled, disregard them. All followers of
an arrikhan are neutral evil.

Arrikhan Table IV:  Poisons and antidotes

Arrikhan	Poison/antidote type
level		Venom	Bane	Toxin  
1		5%	--	--
2		10%	--	--
3		15%	3%	--
4		20%	6%	--
5		25%	9%	2%
6		30%	12%	4%
7		35%	15%	6%
8		40%	18%	8%
9		45%	21%	10%            
10		50%	24%	12%
11		55%	27%	14%
12		60%	30%	16%
13		70%	35%	18%
14		80%	40%	20%
15		90%	45%	22%
16*		100%	50%	25%
* -- Maximum poison concoction ability.
Concoction times:  Venom, 5-40 rounds; Bane, 10-100 rounds; Toxin: 2-5 hours.

Percentages on the table above indicate an arrikhan's chance to concoct
one dose of a venom, bane, or toxin at a certain level. The success or
failure of the concoction remains unknown until the concoction time has
fully elapsed. Venoms deliver 1-4 points of damage per round to a maximum
of 4-24 points, unless the victim makes a normal saving throw vs. poison.
Banes deliver 1-10 points of damage per round to a maximum of 10-60
points unless the victim makes a saving throw at -2. Toxins cause death in
1-4 segments unless the victim makes a saving throw at -5. Antidotes of
the proper type take effect in 1-4 segments. Antidotes neutralize only
the same type of poison (e.g., a venom antidote will neutralize venom but
not bane or toxin).

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