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The lawful neutral lyan functions more as a cleric than a fighter, for
his church mainly consists only of other lyans, however some churches
have a mixture of other priestly classes as well as the Lyan. The 
subclass name and its level titles derive from the ancient names for 
the ascending floors of the Arbiter's Edifice, a massive tower of 
legend in which the Arbiter lived and ruled. Lyans call their god the
Arbiter despite his true name, which is often held sacrosanct and
reserved for the most solemn church rituals. (Many believe that the
Arbiter is actually Primus, ruler of Nirvana.) Lyans believe that, after
death, their souls travel to the Edifice Prime (Nirvana), a celestial
reconstruction of the original mythical tower, and serve the Arbiter
thereafter. A lyan devotes himself to law and its promotion, and should
he ever commit a chaotic act with other courses available, he loses his
status in excommunication and becomes forevermore a normal fighter.

Although the rules of the edificial churches (the term for any lyan's
church) forbid armor of weapons on consecrated ground, elsewhere lyans
wear any type of armor desired, usually leather or studded leather
reinforced by a breastplate and gauntlets (which in no way hinder their
somatic spell-casting actions). Their mounts are the largest and
strongest of their type, their weapons the most fierce, their methods the
most efficient and unforgiving in dealing with the dangerous forces of chaos.

Wisdom, strength, and constitution are the prime requisites of a lyan. A
score of 16 or greater in each of this abilities give a +10% bonus to
earned experience. Lyans receive spell bonuses and chances of spell
failure according to their wisdom scores as clerics do Lyans can use any
magic items. Ability score requirements are as follows:

Str: 12
Con: 12
Wis: 12
Cha: 10

At 10th level, a lyan can construct his own edificial church, thus
attracting followers. Lyan Table III shows the type of followers possible.

The special abilities of a lyan are:
1.  Detection of chaos at 20' per level to a maximum range of 400' (at
20th level). (This benefit corresponds to the abilities of detection of
good or evil). The lyan can determine the type of chaos (good, neutral,
or evil) after two rounds of concentration.
2.  Saving throw bonuses against chaotic magic at +1 for each three
levels (+1 at 1st through 3rd level, +2 at 4th through 6th level, etc.)
to a maximum of +5. Chaotic magic includes any spells cast by chaotic
NPCs or monsters and any effects of magic items that are intrinsically
chaotic or that are used by chaotic beings.
3.  Spell use at 3rd level and above. Lyan Table II shows the number and
level of such spells.
4.  Hit and damage bonuses of +1 per three levels when fighting any
chaotic creatures, of either good, neutral, or evil nature, to a maximum
of +4. This bonus is not cumulative with any bonuses due to
specialization, nor is it cumulative with the multiple attacks received
through specialization.

The lyan has no strictures other than the rules of his edificial church.
When and if he forms his own, he determines his own rules, which must
roughly correspond to the Arbiter's standards.

Lyan Table I

Experience			Hit		Level		Hit&Dam/
points			Level	Points		Title		Save
0--5,000		1	d12		Foyar		+1/+1
5,001--10,000		2	2d12		jiFoyar		+1/+1
10,001--25,000		3	3d12		1st Hael	+1/+1
25,001--50,000		4	4d12		2nd Hael	+2/+2
50,001--100,000		5	5d12		3rd Hael	+2/+2
100,001--250,000	6	6d12		4th Hael	+2/+2
250,001--500,000	7	7d12		5th Hael	+3/+3
500,001--1,000,000	8	8d12		6th Hael	+3/+3
1,000,001--1,500,000	9	9d12		jiHael		+3/+3
1,500,001--2,000,000	10	10d12		Lyan		+4*/+4
2,000,001--2,500,000	11	11d12		Lyan		+4/+4
2,500,001--3,000,000	12	12d12		Lyan		+4/+4
3,000,001--3,500,000	13	13d12		Lyan		+4/+5*
3,500,001--4,000,000	14	14d12		Lyan		+4/+5
4,000,001--4,500,000	15	15d12		Lyan		+4/+5
4,500,001--5,000,000	16	15d12 + 5	Lyan		+4/+5
5,000,001--5,500,000	17	15d12 + 10	Lyan		+4/+5

*-- Maximum for listed Value.
Lyans gain one level per 500,000 exp. pts. above 7th level.
Lyans gain 5 hit points per level above 15th level.
Hit&Dam/Save table: the numbers before the slash refer to the hit and
damage bonuses (see above) and the number after the slash refer to the
save bonus Lyan's receive (see above).

Lyans Table II:  Spells usable by experience level

Lyan  	Cleric or magic-user spell level
level	1	2	3	4
3	1	--	--	--
4	1	--	--	--
5	1	--	--	--
6	2	--	--	--
7	2	--	--	--
8	2	1	--	--
9	2	1	--	--
10	2	1	--	--
11	2	2	--	--
12	3	2	1	--
13	3	2	1	1
14	4	2	2	1
15	4	3	2	2
16	5	4	3	2
17*	6	5	4	3
* -- Maximum spell-casting ability

Lyans have the unique ability of acquiring and casting either cleric or
magic-user spells from prayer and meditation. For example, a 6th-level
lyan can cast two 1st-level spells. He might choose two cleric spells, a
cleric spell and a magic-user spell, or two magic-user spells. Lyans use
no spellbooks of any type; their power comes directly from deities and
divine beings. Lyans learn spells from the magic-user spell list as
cleric spells.  Lyans have access to the following clerical spheres: All,
Combat, Creation, Healing, Law, and Protection.

Lyans Table III: Followers

Dice Roll	Type of follower
01-02		1-4 fighters of 5th-8th level
03-05		2-8 fighters of 3rd-6th level
06-09		2-16 fighters of 2nd-5th level
10-14		2-20 fighters of 1st-3rd level
15-21		4-40 0-level men-at-arms of 1-6 hp each
22-24		3-6 magic-users of 2nd-5th level
25-28		2-8 magic-users of 1st-3rd level
29-32		1-6 clerics of 1st-3rd level
33-35		2-4 clerics of 1st-6th level
36-39		1-3 clerics of 2nd-7th level
40		1-2 clerics of 2nd-8th level
41-42		1-3 thieves of 4th-8th level
43-45		1-6 thieves of 2nd-5th level
46-49		2-12 thieves of 1st-4th level
50-55		2-20 thieves of 1st-2nd level
56-61		1-12 unskilled persons of 1-6 hp each
62-66		1-12 unskilled persons of 1-4 hp each
67-69		1-12 unskilled persons of 1-8 hp each
70-71		1-3 experienced cooks of 1-4 hp each
72-73		1 smith* of 1st-6th level
74-75		1-4 carpenters of 1-6 hp each
76-78		1-4 farmers of 1-4 hp each and thier families (one mate
		and 1-4 children of 1-3 hp each per farmer)
79-80		1 tailor of 1-4 hp 
81-82		1-3 miners of 2-5 hp each
83-85		1-3 scribes** of 1st-4th level
86-88		1-3 stablemen of 1-4 hp each
89-91		1-4 chambermaids of 1-2 hp each
92-94		1 maid/manservant of 1-4 hp
95		1 pride of wemics
96-99		1-4 NPCs of any lawful neutral class or subclass
00		DM's choice
* -- Smiths are described in Best of DRAGON Magazine, Volume 4, p. 26.
** -- Scribes are described in Best of DRAGON Magazine, Volume 4, p. 23.
Note: If Wemics are rolled, they will not typically be willing to live
inside a stronghold.  They will typically roam around the borders of the
Lyan's doman.

Race of followers (if needed)
Roll d20: 1 = elf (30%) or half-elf (70%); 2-5 = dwarf; 6-8 = gnome; 9-10 
= human; 11-14 = same race as the lyan; 15-17 = half-orc; 18-20 = halfling.

When the lyan establishes an edificial church, the DM rolls to determine
the type of followers and, if necessary, the race of the followers. Each
time the lyan gains a level (or accumulates enough experience points to
gain a level after reaching his level limit), roll again. (Example:  A
9th-level lyan builds an edificial church and attracts followers. The DM
determines that 1-3 thieves of 4th-8th level are attracted. Additional
rolls define them as a 6th-level human thief and a 4th-level half-orc
thief. When the lyan reaches 10th level, the DM will roll again to
determine additional followers.) All followers of a lyan are lawful
neutral in alignment.

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