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More About Prince Plaudit

Large Prince Prince Plaudit, foaled May 30, 1963, was bred by Hank Wiescamp. In 1965 he was purchased by Carl Miles who is considered by most to have been the one most responsible for making Prince Plaudit into the horse he was.

Carl Miles was a promoter and knew how to "sell" a horse to the public. In addition, Miles saw in Prince Plaudit a potential "Super Horse" who had the potential to pass on his greatness to his progeny. Through a great deal of careful breeding, Miles worked to produce Appaloosa's with quality conformation and ability as well as color.

Carl Miles started working to get Prince Plaudit into the public's eye by placing him on the show circuit where he won many times. He won "get of sire classes" as well. In the years following, the get of Prince Plaudit also became known for their wins in the show ring and the legend of Prince Plaudit began.

Another way that Carl Miles marketed Prince Plaudit was to place the leopard stallion on the back of every copy of Appaloosa News from August 1967 to February 1984. This strategy quickly placed Prince Plaudit at the forefront of Appaloosa breeders' minds, and before long he became a household name thoughout the Appaloosa industry.

Miles sold Prince Plaudit to a syndicate in 1974. Eventually, one member of the syndicate "David Stahlman" purchased all but one and a half of Prince Plaudit's shares. The stallion was moved to Stalmans' Rimwold Ranch in Pennsylvania where he stayed for the rest of his life.

Prince Plaudit passed away in June of 1988 due to natural causes. According to his 1988 Appaloosa Journal obituary, "...on the day of Prince's death, owner David Stahlman had taken the stallion from his stall, bathed, brushed and clipped him, and escorted him on a leasurely walk at Rimwold Ranch. It was a peaceful close to a noteworthy life."

Prince Plaudit's Pedigree