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Welcome you all to give me some comments of the icq skin and also tell me your request.
This Icq skin is 2.01version and you can download the icqplus in

ryutaro skin

This is Ryutaro skin, I am using this one now ^O^. It is a dark and black skin, hope you all will like this.

hyde skin

I make this Hyde skin because I suddenly think that my Hp didn't get so many of their stuff so I try to make one. This is the period I like him most.

inoran This is a very purple Inoran ^^; I like he wore suit to play guitar, very cute. But I think this one is too purple.>_< don't know can choose what colour ne.
Sugizo I like Sugizo very mcuh ne, so when I think about need to make a icq skin for him, I always think that I should use Red, Pink and Purple colours.Hahahaha.
ryuichi skin I want to make this Ryuichi skin after I bought a new magazine which the cover is Ryu ^o^. His had a new hair style ne, long time didn't have their news.


But this skin is not so good that the pic in the info seems not suitable, cos i don't have so many ryu's pics, if later i can find a pic that is more suitable then i will change it. ^^;

luna sea It is difficult to make a Luna sea skin because it is hard to find a pic that can put 5 perople in a small icq skin.^^;