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5.21.92 (MVCD-2)

Call for Love 
Mechanical Dance 
Search for Reason 
Vampire's Talk 
In Mind 



       IMAGE is LUNA SEA's major debut album. And I like all the songs in this album, I think SLAVE must listen this album to understand LUNA SEA music style in their old days. IMAGE is very different from other LS albums. RYU's voice is still very young but the feeling of the whole album is very good. Actually I had listened some of the songs before I listened to the whole album, because they always sing DEJAVU, MOON and WISH in their live. However in the live version, their skills had improved and RYU's voice is very different from the album version, so I think it is still worth to listen to IMAGE.

        When I first time watched the live version of MOON , it is a very beautiful song and SUGI's guitar is great. After that I listen to the album, the arrangement is different and had violin in the song. And really heard that there is an improvement from LUNA SEA version. In IMAGE, my most favourite songs is MECHANICAL DANCE  ^o^, very shocking when I heard this song, like the rhythm very much and J's bass is super great, can't stop repeat listening this song. Another song is VAMPIRE'S TALK  , I like INO's songs very much, always has a dark image and the feeling is very suitable for the song.

        In their live video IMAGE or REAL, we can watch the lives in their early period. I like to watch this video very much because although their skills still not matured enough in this period, each members are very concentrated on their lives. And I always feel that J's bass is more heavy in old days than now, so I like his performance in this video very much. And of course INO is very cute and beautiful in the video, very surprise that he was very active in the lives, don't know why later become so quiet.. :P  Anyway all of them performed very good is this video and it is very memorable.
  RYUICHI       SUGIZO                 INORAN          SHINYA



  NEVER SOLD OUT                   1999/1/14 in Hong Kong