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            L'Arc~en~ciel is one of my favorite band. They are HYDE(vo.), KEN(guitar), TETSU(bass), YUKIHIRO(drum). I start to like them after I like LUNA SEA and make me notice about this band is HYDE. When I read the magazine and saw their photos, I always think this vocal is very young. Also I think he is really like a cute girl. Then one time I listen their song in the radio and feel surprise that HYDE's voice is great and very high pitch. The first song I listen is NIJI which is still my favorite song now.

        Later, I start to listen to their albums and their style is very different from LUNA SEA. Their songs are pop when compare with the earlier songs of LUNA SEA but I like the arrangement of their songs very much and TETSU's bass is very great in every songs. And I like the songs which composed by KEN and HYDE. Songs like Vivid Colour, Lies and Truth, Lose Control, Kasou, NIJI, Round and Round and Ghost in my Room etc, many many. I like HYDE's voice very much and his singing is really good. These years they released so many singles and become very famous in Hong Kong now. Now they have just released thier 2 new albums "ARK" and RAY". Later they will come to Hong Kong to have promotion *O*, I am looking forward to watch their concert in Hong Kong also. ^O^