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10/26/94 (MVCD-15)

Face to Face
Genesis of Mind
In Future
True Blue



        Mother is LUNA SEA most popular album, also is my favourite album. It is really a great album, all the songs in this album are very good and the style of the songs are very different. I love their images in this period the most and RYU cut his hair in this period that make many fans shocked. I think their most popular single in this album is ROSIER, I love this song very much and also the MTV is really beautiful. They had an award of this MTV. ROSIER is a fast and rock song and J's bass and SUGI's guitar are very great.

        Besides the rock songs, the slow songs are also very great. MOTHER is also a single of this album, I prefer live version more, it is because the feeling is really good and SUGI's violin and RYU's singing make me nearly cry when I watched the video, very touching. I hope I really can watch they play this song in their live >o<. Moreover, FACE TO FACE also is my all time favourite, I like INO's songs very much^o^, the feeling is really good. The bass is very heavy in the song, really love it. And also really cannot forget to mention the song GENESIS OF MIND, um...don't know how to say but SLAVE must listen this song, really great, SUGI and INO's guitar, J's bass and RYU's voice are also great. Though this song is very long but the feeling is really good.

        It seems that I always not mention SHINYA's drums :P, but I think his skill is really great. In this album, I like the drum in AURORA, but don't know why I always feel that this song is very similar to IN MY DREAM, anyway I like the drum very much. Also in CIVILIZE and IN FUTURE, SHINYA's drum is very fast and really can show his great skill in these songs. So MOTHER is really a great album of LUNA SEA and it is really worth to listen this album, not even SLAVE but people who really love Japan rock music are also worth to listen. ^O^




RYUICHI       SUGIZO                 INORAN          SHINYA



  NEVER SOLD OUT                   1999/1/14 in Hong Kong