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04/22/964 (MVCD-34)

With Love
Luv u
Forever and Ever
End of Sorrow
in Silence



        STYLE is the first  LUNA SEA album that I listened. Up till now, I think this album is the most mature LUNA SEA album before they start their solo. In this album, the first single is DESIRE and then is END OF SORROW and IN SILENCE. They gain more and more popularity when they released these singles. Before STYLE I just listened some of their singles, this is the first whole album I listened to. And this gives me a strong impression about their songs.

        In this album, I like HURT the most, cos. I love J's bass very much. This song had a heavy bass line and the guitar solo is also great. Every time I listened to this song, I follow the rhythm to move my head >O< love this song very much but the live version has a different arrangement of guitar, also very great. Actually I like all the slow songs in this album,i.e. WITH LOVE, RA SE N, FOREVER AND EVER and SELVES. I like SELVES very much, it is a INORAN's song and this is a very slow song, but I like the rhythm very much. Moreover, FOREVER and EVER  is an epic song of LUNA SEA. It is an over 10 minutes song, I enjoy watch this song's live very much that is from the video REW.

        This is really a great album of LUNA SEA at that time, can't imagine how their next album will be, so they released the news that they will have a solo year after this album. In that solo year, I think no need to mention more, RYU become one of the popular pop singer in JAPAN, SUGI released his solo album and came to HK to have promotion, J had a American style rock album, INO also released his own style solo album and had high reputation and SHINYA also released a pop album and sings some songs. They had really success after solo, anyway, I love LUNA SEA FOREVER and EVER!!! ^O^



RYUICHI       SUGIZO                 INORAN          SHINYA



  NEVER SOLD OUT                   1999/1/14 in Hong Kong