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        Here I will put some wallpaper which made by me.^O^ Some are the bands I like and some are the comics I like. I just made these wallpaper for fun so welcome everyone to download to see it but I think no one would like to use it (hahahaha).



xwalls.jpg (23351 bytes)


     This is my favourite comics "X"'s wallpaper. This is also my first time to make a wallpaper. So I think it is extremely ugly >_< I just want to put it here and don't want to think it anymore. :P

     This is RYUTARO from Plastic Tree. He is the vocalist, I like his voice very much and he is very cute so want to make a wallpaper of him. But again, I made it in a hurry so I also think this is very strange. HAHAHA!!!

ryutarowalls.jpg (22137 bytes)


lunawalls.jpg (28643 bytes)


This is the first Luna sea wallpaper I made. It is very difficult for me to made their wallpaper because I didn't have so many Shinya's photo. :P And I think this wallpaper photos are too large, next time I will make a better one.^O^